A special JWST moment

I have a veritable ton of photos to share of JWST because it has been a hugely eventful spring with much of the construction of the actual telescope part of it coming together right here. Some of the photos I’ve been posting in my little reports of what I get up to each month. But this one is special so I wanted to post it separately.

JWST had black protective covers on its mirror segments while they were being assembled. When they were removed and we got to see the beautiful gold-coated mirror for the first time, it was pretty amazing. They are coated with a microscopic layer of gold to optimize them for reflecting infrared light.

My friend Nasreen took this shot from inside the cleanroom and managed to capture both the telescope and me (right in the middle of the observation windows, in a red shirt) in the same shot. These are so special and I’m so grateful for her capturing this moment for me.


(and here’s a little zoomed in crop!)

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