John Barrowman Visit

Here’s a cool work thing that happened recently. So sometimes talk to tour and other groups about JWST by our cleanroom window. A volunteer was needed for some AwesomeCon people, so I said I would take that tour, since my co-workers and I were doing an AwesomeCon panel on JWST. And I figured it would just be a group of AwesomeCon attendees, since sometimes we do organize tours for groups associated with conferences and such. Then I was told that it was someone from Doctor Who. !!! There were three people from Who in town for AwesomeCon, and it was apparently not Jenna Coleman, but for some reason they wouldn’t tell me who it was. My friends and I speculated on whether it was Barrowman or Capaldi, trying to be all clever, but if I’d actually looked at Barrowman’s social media, he announced that he was visiting Goddard!

Anyway, I was super excited when it turned out to be him, plus his husband. I’m definitely a fan, and Nine/Jack/Rose was my fav TARDIS team. So to meet Barrowman was so cool. He was very nice, as was Scott. The best part was how focused and engaged he was. He asked really smart questions and ignored the growing crowd behind him. Myself, and my co-workers Laura and Jody all ended up talking JWST to him. The telescope was not super visible and you had to get down on the floor to see any of it. So that’s exactly what he did!


We all sat on the ground and I had my laptop and we showed him our best videos to explain what he was seeing, and it was all great.

He was also on point with social media, and talked about everything he saw while he was at Goddard, which was cool. Here are a couple of pics, including our group selfie. You can see in the reflection that he had is arm around me. hehe. :-)


Also here. :-) Just happened to be next to him, I didn’t wrangle it that way, I promise. He did grab my arm at one point in reaction to something I told him, which was fun.

Honestly, he was just really great. And then, it was fun to see his panel at AwesomeCon, where he is in full-on performer mode. :-)