What I’ve Been Up To, July 2016, part 1

Let’s move on to July, shall we? Because it will soon be September and I’m behind again.

Here’s our Miss Willow, back on July 1 – she is still doing very well. Behind her, sadly, Larry Wilmore. I’m pretty bummed about the cancellation of The Nightly Show. I think it was a really important voice to have right now, and I love that he prioritized empowering both women and people of color.


Plant Dave was back this month – if you recall, Dave left for another job post-Astro-H, but when Kristin asked Alex and Joe to plant-sit her giant plant, we put it at Dave’s desk and named it Dave. Here’s a reminder to water Plant!Dave:


Plant Dave did have a little accident though.

With our friend Dirk and his family coming back through town, we were able to give them another tour – they got to see Satellite Servicing’s cool new facility.


Trying to figure out snapchat filters. I’m old.

Part of the birthday lunch for Joe, Mike, and I. This was from back in June but didn’t get uploaded till July.

Someone on Facebook found this super old photo of college-dormmates of mine. I have no idea.

Joe/coffee humor from an email exchange. Remember that we have/had 3 Joes.

Maggie: Who wants coffee? We are debating full vs half pot!

Joe 1: To quote Tropic Thunder; “Never go full coffee-pot”

Joe 2: Don’t you mean “always”?

Maggie: Ok, that was momentarily confusing, seeing Joe seemingly reply to contradict himself. But I have since realized it was just Joe-incidence. [indeed, two different Joes replied but it was confusing at first]

Joe 1: Oh no Joe! She’s on to our scheme! Abort Operation ‘Crystal-Joe-Confusion’

Joe 2: She’s peered beyond the veil separating Joe-niverses! We gotta get outta here!

Maggie: My God, it’s full of Joes… [which is, of course, a 2001: A Space Odyssey movie reference]

Then Joe 2 sends this:
full of joes

Alex: Workin hard

Next up was the 4th of July – or rather, the 2nd of July, which is when the Laurel fireworks were. Joe (classic) had a party, which was super fun. Then we walked to the lake to watch the fireworks.




Meredith’s daughter became BFFs with one of Joe’s girlfriend’s brother’s friends, and chattered to him all night. It was really cute.




In a move that surprised no one, Joe managed to break a glow-stick and get it all over his hands.

The finale of the Laurel show:

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More Laurel fireworks:

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Janine and Ron and their daughter Gabi, and her friend, were in town, so we all met up at Zengo in DC for dinner:

Mmm – shrimp tacos:

And churros!

July 4th itself was super rainy, so we weren’t able to go into DC for the fireworks. Unfortunately. But the Baysox were having post-came fireworks, so we hung out in their parking lot with a whole slew of other people to catch the show. We had a great spot on the 1st baseline. They were right over us!


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So, ever since that Greek festival a year ago where they had sexist parking practices (they would only let cars with male drivers parallel park because they are just biologically better at it supposedly), I’ve been taking pictures of every time I’ve parallel parked. I don’t get to do it much, but I”m happy to say that I haven’t screwed it up once.




The band tried to have a lunch at a place we’d like to gig, but they were closed and on vacation. I checked Yelp to see what was in the area and there was a little cafe/deli nearby. It got good reviews and mentioned that they actually had a Korean BBQ special – so that’s what I got. It was good!! I can’t seem to find the place on Yelp or googlemaps now, so I can’t link to it. :-( And I can’t remember the name. Fail. I know where it was though, so I should be able to find it again. Theoretically!


Miss Willow has a lot to say.

I made this honey cake with my new mold. It tasted pretty good!

D&D was fun until I got a migraine and spent the night throwing up at home afterwards. :-(

I was feeling better in the morning so we went out for a light breakfast. I had a nice dining companion.


First Watch has my favorite coffee. Just look at that steam!

Our hibiscus is blooming!

Pretty happy to be hanging out here:

Happy girl!