Abbey Road on the River 2017

Abbey Road on the River this year was pretty low-key, but great. My fav Norwegians and Dutch folks were there, as was Katie. Katie and I were both pregnant, so neither of us were drinking or staying up exceedingly late. I did the best I could, but I was tired!! And the hotel was far from the new festival venue. … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – May 2017

Here is May! We are slowing (sorta) catching up! Willow: We had some nice peonies this year: Ginger was in town for work, so a bunch of us costume folks met up for dinner in Bethesda at Barrel and Crow. The food was excellent. I got t he Seared Sea Scallops over pasta. It was terrific! Also a crab beignet … Continue Reading →

Arroz, May 2017

For our Odd Night Out group, we went to a Mike Isabella restaurant in DC called Arroz. We love Graffiato, which is also his. This place was Moroccan/Spanish inspired and was so good. It’s a bit pricy, but we had a big group and we ordered a bunch of stuff (it’s sort of small plates/shareables) and we all got a … Continue Reading →