Total Solar Eclipse

I’ve seen two annular solar eclipses before, but I’ve never seen a total one. And I am told that they don’t compare and that total eclipses are spectacular, and there are are people that devote themselves to chasing them all over the planet. They can’t be that great, right? They are. Total eclipses have not been overblown. It was one … Continue Reading →

2016 Year in Review – costume events

Yeah, I got literally nothing done this year. In my defense, I was still suffering from my general costuming malaise and then I actually had a successful pregancy, so between changing sizes and being dead tired, I didn’t really do any sewing. I started a waistcoat for Doug when Gloria and I had a sewing day, but it’s still sitting … Continue Reading →

The Lantern Festival

I have always wanted to go to a Lantern Festival, and by always, I mean, ever since I read Neverending Footstep’s blog about going to one in Chiang Mai, earlier this year. ( It looked amazing, but when was I going to be in Thailand? I mean, sure, I’d love to visit, but realistically?? My niece posted about going to … Continue Reading →