First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is one of my most favorite bands, and they were playing in DC at the Lincoln Theater in December. I bought the tix while pregnant and figured I’d figure out babysitters or something, and as it worked out, rather than babysitting, Janine came with me. Doug didn’t mind sitting out the concert (he’s not super into them), and Janine had kindly tried to give me First Aid Kit’s Stay Gold album on vinyl as a present, but I already had it – so I told her she needed to keep it and listen to it, because it’s a great album. Which she did.

So she came with – and our friend Ed also had a ticket.

The theater was general admission this time out, which I kind of hate because it requires getting there early and hoping for the best.

I had lucked out at that theater before with Neil Finn and gotten front row. But how early would we have to get there?

We ended up there about 45 minutes before doors opened. Ed and I metered together – the metro is super close and parking isn’t easy, so that’s really the best way to get to that theater. I recognized the Starbucks where I ran into BNL’s drummer once pre-show. And once the three of us were on line together, we took turns getting food at Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is right next door.

Making sure we had our IDs out, and tickets ready, and paying attention to the fact that there are two lines, and everyone goes right, not left, we got right up to the front and ended up only 1 4-person row back from where I was for Neil Finn. So second row, far left. But the theater is so small, that you aren’t very far off the side. And the three of us had our own row basically.

So we settled our stuff and I hit the merch table. When I got back, Janine went to go buy water. She came back quite a while later, having, quite naturally, made friends with the opening act.

Which is classic Janine, really. In the best way.

The opening act was Van William – First Aid Kit backed him on the song “Revolution,” which I totally love, so I was pretty impressed.

What happened was this. She was browsing the merch tables and some guy admired her Jyn Erso jacket (the Columbia jacket repro is subtle enough to wear as a regular jacket). She was impressed that he recognized it. They started talking Star Wars. It came out that she had published a canon Star Wars story in Insider. He was impressed. She noticed Van Williams’ vinyl album and said she’s been buying a lot of vinyl lately and maybe she would buy it. He said, “would you like me to sign it for you?” and she was like, “oh, it’s yours?” and he held it up, and turned his head, so it match the cover of the album, which was a big photo of his head. ha!


She mentioned me of course, because Janine is awesome and generous that way. So once she got back and told me the whole story, I went out to go buy his album on vinyl and say hi also. I introduced myself as Jyn Erso’s friend, and he was very nice and we chatted for a bit, though I’m not sure we had as entertaining of a conversation.

The concert itself was great. Van William’s set was terrific, and his bass player was really entertaining.

First Aid Kit was amazing, and I had a really great view from where we were. Joanna made eye contact with me a bunch of times, which I loved, and I caught Klara’s eye once, even though she was on the other side of the stage.

They did a totally roaring cover of Heart’s Crazy on You. And when they played “You Are the Problem Here,” written after the Stanford rapist case, they brought the house down. Klara gave a speech about why they wrote it and why they are angry, and they got a standing ovation for it. The song is so timely.

They played a good mix of stuff, and quite a lot from the new album, which made me happy because I think Ruins is amazing. Go listen to it right now.

And with that, here are my pics from the show!












My fav pic from the night:



A smile too!

The set list:

Group shot!