What I Was Up To – December 2017

Moving on to December!

One of our co-workers, Stephanie, left for another job, so we had a goodbye lunch for her. The baby was only a week old at this point, but my sister in law was here helping out, and Doug was still home, so I got to join my friends for lunch! It was great catching up, though sad to say goodbye for now to Stephanie!


Willow thought the bassinet was a bunk bed!

Our niece came to visit the baby and brought us some super cute chocolates:

At the Pond – maybe a baby heron? There are a couple of Great Blue Herons that nest here.

Mike and Gloria came over and helped us put up the Christmas tree, since we needed an extra pair of hands. It was nice to have them come over and hang out. :-)

Cards Against Humanity did a holiday special and it was awesome.

This was playing with two different apps – a Portra app of a Snapchat filter. If only I really looked like that!

Our sister in law cooked a bunch for us while she was here, so we could freeze some stuff – and she made awesome sauce and meatballs!

I missed the holiday potluck (sad panda!) while I was out on leave, but they staged this picture for me. Joe won the ugly sweater contest, and we had some long-running inside joke about handshakes, I don’t even know.

It only took 2 weeks for us to finally play as a band again! Between me being very pregnant and tire and Kevin building a new house and the new one not being ready for us yet, we hadn’t played in a while. We were missing our drummer, but it was still nice to be playing again.


Another letter from Cards – they gave 100 of the poorest people who signed up for this, 1000 bucks. It was pretty cool, and it was heartwarming reading what people did with the surprise money.

My “best nine” from 2017.

We tried to take Christmas selfies in front of the tree. I had mommy and me bows from a friend, and I made Willow wear one. She’s like WHY?

There’s a Pokemon on my baby’s head!




Scallops! And risotto! Since I was at home, I was able to get over to the seafood market with the baby.

The baby and I were on our way to meet Kevin and Jenna and Doug before band, at a restaurant. I passed by the local pond, and there were a TON of people across the street from it at the baseball fields. I was like, huh. I got a few more blocks and while at a light, a notice popped up on our Valor chat that there was an unown… at the baseball fields. It’s only the rarest of the Pokemon – one I had never seen in all my time playing. This was before the scanner was helpful for finding them. So I pulled a u-turn and headed back to the baseball fields, hoping I would be in time. And I was! I pulled in, and caught the unown (it got out the first time, eep!) and there was my friends Mindy and Connor! And they hadn’t seen the baby yet (who was snoozing in the back), so they got a peek on her. It was super fun!



Beer and band!



Here’s our tree:

Janine and Ron had generously offered to babysit so we could see Star Wars, while I was still pregnant. So I bought tix! And then December 16 rolled around and they had since renovated the theater at the mall, and we enjoyed some nice recliners and Star Wars! And popcorn in BB-8’s head! Thanks for babysitting Janine and Ron!

I wore my Rey boots of course:

I saw this guy at the theater – he actually ended up having the seat next to us!

We were supposed to have Hanukkah with Mike and Gloria but Mike was sick. :-( So Gloria came over and we had a mini celebration at our place.

We have a water club at work because the water is “totally fine” to drink, so we pitch in for a cooler. Joe tried to pay Don for the water with “JoeBucks,” which was awesome.

One of my Xmas presents.

Posted to our chat:

We were at the mall and walked by Pottery Barn and they had Harry Potter bedding and I fell in love with it and they had coupons and discounts on their website, so I totally bought them. This is the store display.

Snapchat filters are fun!


Willow spent the winter napping on my scarf.

I really like the Zangoose pokemon. Very Ziggy Stardust.


Delibird is purportedly like the Pokemon Santa so…


Willow enjoys winter – lots of nice things to sleep on and in.

This is January – but there’s our new bedding!