England: Day 4, Bletchley Park

On our fourth day, we started the day with a little Moana. Then we got dressed and hung out with Auntie Jasmin: And then we headed to nearby… Bletchley Park! Bletchley Park is, of course, the secret complex where British WWII codebreaking took place. Alan Turing was one of the main geniuses behind so much of it and then he … Continue Reading →

England: Day 3, Oxford, part 2

One of my fav books is The Royal We, written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (the FUG girls). It’s basically RPF (real person fic) of Kate and Wills, except it’s Bex (an American!) and Nick, and how they fall in love when she’s an Oxford exchange student. It’s remarkably well researched for such a thinly veiled story. They made … Continue Reading →

England Day 3: Oxford, part 1 1

England Day 3: Oxford, part 1

On our 3rd day in England, we headed to Oxford for the day. We had a car, but you can’t easily drive into Oxford and park there, but there are park and ride lots, so we just parked there and and hopped a bus into town. Easy! Fortunately we had Jasmin there to help us figure it all out. Here’s … Continue Reading →

England Day 2: Blenheim Palace

England Day 2: Blenheim Palace

Our second day in England, we woke up, gave peanut a bottle and got some snuggles in. Jasmin’s pull out couch was actually really comfortable, and we slept well. After breakfast, we headed out to Blenheim Palace. It is, I believe, the only non royal palace in England. The land was gifted to the Duke of Marlborough and both Princess … Continue Reading →

Work Baby Shower redux

I just found some photos of my work baby shower, which was awesome and Beatles themed, and so thoughtfully done. For some reason, I downloaded the pics taken and then managed to never look at them. I guess I got busy! But the pics turned out so nice, I wanted to post them! I think they were all taken by … Continue Reading →

What I Was Up To – October 2018

Moving on to October, we started out the month by going to Ron’s promotion to Lt Col in the Marine Corps. Something a long time coming, but he does such good work for the Corps, and I’m so glad they recognized him for the awesome Marine he is. The ceremony was at the Marine Corps Museum: I tried to livestream … Continue Reading →