England: Day 4, Bletchley Park

On our fourth day, we started the day with a little Moana. Then we got dressed and hung out with Auntie Jasmin: And then we headed to nearby… Bletchley Park! Bletchley Park is, of course, the secret complex where British WWII codebreaking took place. Alan Turing was one of the main geniuses behind so much of it and then he … Continue Reading →

England: Day 3, Oxford, part 2

One of my fav books is The Royal We, written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (the FUG girls). It’s basically RPF (real person fic) of Kate and Wills, except it’s Bex (an American!) and Nick, and how they fall in love when she’s an Oxford exchange student. It’s remarkably well researched for such a thinly veiled story. They made … Continue Reading →