England: Day 3, Oxford, part 2

One of my fav books is The Royal We, written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (the FUG girls). It’s basically RPF (real person fic) of Kate and Wills, except it’s Bex (an American!) and Nick, and how they fall in love when she’s an Oxford exchange student. It’s remarkably well researched for such a thinly veiled story. They made up a whole alternate branch of the royal family and though some family members are similar (there’s a Harry stand-in), others don’t have real-life counterparts. (An aside, I read a similarly themed book recently and it was clear the author had given no actual thought to what marrying into a conservative royal family in today’s tabloid/social media world would actually entail.) Cocks and Morgan definitely did their research, and created a really readable story and well-rounded characters, and it’s become a comfort re-read. All this despite my not caring that much about the British monarchy.

Anyhoo, the first part of it is set at Pembroke College at Oxford, and though I did have time to do a full reread before my trip so I could find all the places mentioned, I did find a Boots. And I found Pembroke College (literally in the shadow of Christ Church), and even better, as I was taking pictures by the front door, a woman who worked there spotted us and then invited us in to take a look at the quad, which is not open to the public. She let me take pics and everything. It was super fun to get a better fix on some of the book settings in my head.

I Instagrammed pics of it and tagged the authors and they commented, so that was cool too!

Next time I’m in London there are also places I want to check out there associated with the book. I KNOW. But it’s fun.


Christ Church:


The alley that goes up to the door, looking back at Christ Church:


The door is up ahead to the left. There’s a guy with a suitcase in front of it. Just like Bex at the start of the book!


The view down the road again:


The quad:




We strolled past this lovely War Memorial garden.


Next a stroll through a wooded area and by the water.


And that was our day in Oxford! We were all pretty tired afterwards, so we drove back to Jasmin’s apartment, fed the baby, put her to bed, and then ordered pizza, which hit the spot!


Here’s a video of Jasmin reading Elena a bedtime story. I adore her accent.

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