England Day 5: Liverpool, part 1

After the Harry Potter exhibit, Jasmin dropped us at our hotel, which was walking distance to the Watford Junction train station, and we had to stay goodbye. She was an awesome host, and I very much enjoyed her cosy little apartment and getting to spend time with her – and seeing her and her namesake together.

We crashed at the hotel, and then walked to the train station the next morning. We had a transfer at Birmingham, but for the first part of the trip, we had premium tix that got us free food and tea. I highly recommend spending on this. We theoretically had seats on a particular car, but the very nice and very helpful station worker told us to use the handicapped car – if no one needed the extra space for a wheelchair, we could use it for our stroller and luggage. I was surprised, since trains seem like a thing in Europe, that there were basically no luggage carts. And we had two huge suitcases. But it worked out ok and we were able to use the space on the handicapped car. We let Elena watch Moana for a while and then she was tired, so we put her in her carrier seat and she slept the rest of the way to… LIVERPOOL! That’s right, we were headed to Liverpool, which I was very excited about since, it’s obviously the home of the Beatles and I’d never been there, and to be walking the same ground as them was super exciting.

We had a hotel room in Staybridge Suites, which was recommended to us by a friend. It was right on the docks, by the Ferris wheel and the John Lennon Peace sculpture, and so it made a perfect base. Also they had free happy hour alcohol and snacks every day, which I wish we could have taken more advantage of. And it was a suite. Which meant we could put her down in a dark room in her pack and play, and we didn’t have to sit in the dark or go to bed super early with her. We had a sitting room we could hang out it. So that was a win. It wasn’t very expensive and I’d highly recommend staying there.


Babies are hilarious when they sleep. How is this comfortable?


Morning bottle:


On the train – tea with milk. It was so good.


My breakfast on the train – I still think the sausages are weird, but the potato and veggies were really good!


Doug’s much more healthy breakfast.


Watching some Moana:


Out cold!


We were a little hungry so we split a pasty we got at the train station:


Elena liked our suite!


The Ferris wheel by our hotel:


The John Lennon peace sculpture. Also a poke stop.


Once we dumped our stuff at the hotel, we headed out for a walk along Albert Dock. In the water, there was some sort of an adventure course. It wasn’t super warm, but there were lots of kids getting wet! Hardy stock, Liverpudlians!


We checked the maritime museum, which had an exhibit on the Lusitania – here is a souvenir paper fan:


This maid uniform was worn by Lady Duff-Gordon’s ladies maid on Titanic.


Cat and mouse sculptures:


Love locks:


The Museum of Liverpool.


They had a huge John and Yoko exhibit on (thanks to my friend Kjetil for the heads up), that we checked out next. I’ll post about the exhibit in part 2, since the exhibit allowed pics and had a lot of cool stuff.