What I Was Up To – November 2018

So I’m only 3 months behind (!) on my “what I was up to” posts, and significantly more behind on specific posts about travel and other big stuff. So I thought I would tick off November, while we’re in the midst of our Aug/Sept England trip.

November 1, and my fav tree is looking pretty sharp. After living in Maryland for so long, I have finally figured out that the best autumn tree color is in early November. I wish I had known this before we planned an October wedding – the color was not what I had wanted, but I hadn’t figure it out yet. But I have finally, after 22 years, learned. And so we scheduled our 1 year photo shoot for Elena on November 4, at the Arboretum – and as it turned out the color was spectacular.

Anyway, here’s the tree.


Dahlias from the garden.


This is what the Arboretum looked like – and the Capitol Columns, on photoshoot day! It was, unfortunately, windy, and Elena had a cold, but she was a trooper and had lots of smiles for us.


It was also shiny Pinsir day, and I managed one on our way out of the Arboretum.


Here’s a couple of the shots from our photoshoot, taken by Megan:


We also did a cake smash, with this gorgeous pumpkin-shaped cake that Megan had made for us. It was beautiful and Elena wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, so we helped her a little and she had her first real taste of sugar!


She really couldn’t have been cuter and I want to post all, like, 50 pics of her at that cake.


Ok, ok.



The tree on November 10th:


I finally put some costume jewelry in the shadowbox Kat gave me. It opens from the front, so it’s relatively easy to access it. I bought a different shadowbox on Amazon that doesn’t open in front and I’m prob going to rethink that one.


Had my first chance of the season to use my Think Geek Wampa ice scraper.


There’s a poke place at the mall that has a sushi roll called a deep fried “Joyce” and it’s amazing. And so so rich. Even splitting one, it’s almost too much.


At Target, I stumbled on this 12 months size Darth Vader ugly Christmas sweater, that totally matches the one I already had! We wore them on Christmas and to Doug’s office Xmas party and it was awesome.


I commissioned some baby gloves (minus fingers and with ties) for Elena from my friend Unni, who is the best knitter. And I picked out this adorable cow pattern (apparently Norwegian cows go mø!) – and she sent me two pairs of mittens, a matching mø hat, and a Star Wars hat and socks! Isn’t this amazing??


Amber gave us these cute little hand/foot print kits and I had saved them for Elena’s first birthday. So we did those and they turned out really cute.


And compared with her hospital newborn handprint!


Some pretty light in our stairwell at work.


My Halloween mantle… still up at Thanksgiving. :-/


This comic went by on FB, and I related.


An Etsy purchase:


Finally got a shiny Pokemon baby in an egg.


And I put this together – October 2017 and 2018! Same spot!


Snow in the mountains on the way to Pittsburgh:


Chelsea sent me this cute little skirt she made for Elena – Willow seems to like it.


Elena’s actual first birthday fell on the day after Thanksgiving this year, so we were with Doug’s family to celebrate it, which was really fun. We’d managed to see my parents right before, and we had her 1st birthday party the weekend before that – so we did a good job celebrating! I’ll post pics separately at some point. We also took Elena to Phipps Conservatory – but I’ll do a separate post there too. Eventually, ha!

I can’t believe we have had Elena for a year – it’s been a total joy, honestly, and we are super happy.

And that pretty much closed out November!