England Day 7: Abbey Road

So obviously, as someone who is a big Beatles fan, one of my life goals was to disrupt traffic to get my photo taken crossing Abbey Road. So I can now tick that of the bucket list. AND, I had warned my mom that we’d be doing this so she could watch on the webcam, but then things got hectic and I forgot to tell her we were there, BUT we actually did end up connecting right when we were standing there, so she was able to see me on the cam and grab some screenshots for me! Technology is so fun!


The trick here was 1) don’t get hit by a car 2) this means the photographer too – to get the right angle, you’d need to be in the middle of the street 3) try to get a photo crossing the correct way. Some of my photos going the other way were a little better, but the Beatles were walking away from Abbey Road Studios/EMI, so, you know… 4) Try not to feel bad about the annoyed motorists.


Nope, wrong way.




Walking the right way from a different perspective!


There’s me texting my mom in the foreground on the right.


And here’s a short video first person perspective of all of us crossing Abbey Road.

And here is the studio itself, which is right near by the zebra crossing. The door was tantalizingly open as someone was loading in.


With its famous graffiti covered walls. Didn’t think to bring a pen, so I didn’t add anything!

There’s the webcam for the zebra crossing:


There aren’t tours or anything, so you can’t go in unless you book it. But they do have a nice gift shop next door.


Merchandising I can get behind:


And then one last try..


Next up I did what any Beatle fan in the know would do… I stalked, er, checked out Paul’s nearby house on Cavendish Ave. Unlike the other Beatles, who lived further out with their families, Paul lived walking distance from the studio. Famously, fans back in the day would climb the gate and sometimes would break in and steal Linda’s stuff. Pre-Linda, when he was with Jane and screwing around the side, fans warned him she was coming home. Alas for him, she caught him. He still owns the house, though when I was there, he was in the US doing a talk show! But it was nice to see the house for myself anyway, to get an idea of what I’d only seen in photos!

Yes, there is a typo on this, sorry. I was super tired when I originally posted it!


After that we caught a cab back to the hotel and tried to figure out what to do for dinner. We were super tired and baby wrangling during another meal wasn’t high on our list. So I looked on Yelp and the reviews for Mai Sushi, which was close to our hotel were great. It was crowded and I’m not sure we could have fit the stroller, but they did takeout. So we sat outside under umbrellas (it was too cold by this time to eat outside and drizzling to boot – fortunately we could cover up Elena in her stroller) and waited for a takeout order, and then took it back to our room. Great decision. Elena could stretch her legs and we just ate on the bed. Yelp said the dragon roll was good, so we ordered that and some other non-sushi stuff that Elena could eat.

While we were waiting, we spotted this:






Fried Rice – this was really good!


And the sushi:


And then we called it a night!

We had one more day in London, this time a full day, which we spent wandering around the tourist areas around the Thames, taking in what we could in the little time we had.

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