What I Was Up To – December 2018

I just read a sad article about a woman whose child has leukemia and about funerals for friends of a friend, and I needed to cheer myself up, so here is December.

I rarely have luck catching wild shinies in Pokemon, so I was pretty psyched for this “couch catch” from home:


Ok, this one is pretty shiny.


The Amish market has the best everything bagels and Doug made bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches that were terrific. Also, I love my Calamityware plates:


Pokemon had a really good event wherein all the Pokemon featured in community days from the previous months were all available for a while, and then they had a 3 hour weekend event, and I did really well. It was fun!


Neo Pizza in Annapolis is one of our favs. It definitely transcends bar food and they have daily specials that you can rarely go wrong with. This was a butternut squash pasta that was so good, I wanted to curl up in the bowl. It was so warm and comforting and delicious.


Willow is still doing really well – we have a new vet (at the same practice) that we really like. Our old one moved (we loved her) and we transitioned to someone else at the practice I didn’t like as much, and then we landed on Dr. Sinclair, and she has much the same manner as our old vet, and I like her. Our vet is also modernizing their office and really working on their computer records and she has been really proactive at wanting to take a closer look at Willow’s meds and re-evaluate them. Willow is on a ton of meds, but she was supposed to die 3 years ago, and here she is. So the question is, does she need all of them anymore, or not. So we’re tackling the prednisolone first, and backing off slowly on it, and doing bloodwork more frequently again. So far so good, we’ve gone from daily to every 3rd day, and she’s doing great. I’m hoping if we can get her off the pred, maybe she’ll grow more hair. She’s still bald (with peach fuzz) in several places.


I got this cool book at the our gift shop at work! Basically, I’ll buy nearly anything with JWST on it.


So my contract had a holiday party with a table of inexpensive raffle gifts. You get your pick when your number is called. @scopesmacwilson had earlier brought a mummy candy dish in to work to give away but no one took it. So a nameless someone added the mummy dish to the raffle table. Guess what the last prize left was! 😂Poor candy dish. Also the person that put it on the table was one of the last people to win something and almost had to take the dish! 😂


Poor candy dish!


(I was tempted, when it was sitting in our lounge, to take it, since I love Halloween. But I just have too much stuff already, so I resisted.)

An early dinner at Bonefish Grill:


My big girl can drink through a straw, and is just starting to get the idea of coloring.


At long last, I finally traded out some art – I’d had a stack of JWST art sitting there for well over a year – but I was just too pregnant or busy to deal with it. And I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. So here is one corner of it. The quilt was made by Gen.


Hannah’s poems:


And I traded out Las Meninas, which has been up there for like 15 years, for a few other JWST pieces. On that table are all my space books, so thematically, it works.


I also put together this shadow box with some of the other little pieces:


I couldn’t bear to throw away the scarecrow girl we bought at the pumpkin patch, so she is still up.


Thanks to a tip from a friend, I sneaked into part of the all-day symposium they were having on the 25th anniversary of the 1st Hubble servicing mission. Just in time to catch a big chunk of two of the astronauts talking about the mission. It was super cool.


My daughter’s pediatrician is on a farm and they have peacocks. I like checking them out when we are there. Which was often this fall and winter as we have been sick quite a bit. Yay, daycare.


Someone drew this on the window at work.


We put up our tree, and at first Elena was afraid of it. It was super cute, because she would cower in your arms and then reach out and touch the tree, and then pull her hand back really quick. She got over it though and was soon happily pulling the bottom ornaments off. Seriously though, she was really good with the tree on the whole. We didn’t end up having to gate it off. She largely left it alone or we were able to supervise her when she was near it. And we used all non-breakable ornaments she couldn’t choke on (and no hooks except for a few up high).

Here she is lying prostrate in front of the tree….


I gave Kevin (the bass player in our band) a replica Abbey Road studio sign as a souvenir from London. He went and installed a red light on our band room.


In between bouts of illness, we did get some recording in.


We went to Doug’s work Christmas party. Kind of a big deal, because it’s very kid oriented, and for years, when we were going through hard times, he would just hide out in his office and try to ignore it. But he got to participate this year and I was so glad for him. The office admins put together little Christmas stockings for the kids, with age appropriate gifts. Elena got a little elf doll, that I named Elf-o (after that new Matt Groening tv show), and a little jiggly toy, and she seemed to like her gifts. You aren’t supposed to use cameras at his office but one of our friends, who is higher up and might be allowed to take pics??, took a few for us!


Doug and I tried to get a nice pic of Elena and I in our matching ugly Darth Vader Christmas sweaters, but… well, she’s a toddler and wouldn’t sit still.


We snuck a few more by the tree. Doug got a nice smile from her:


Then we headed over to the greater party, which was across campus, and they had a Santa and Mrs. Claus that you could get your picture with. Elena didn’t cry like she did with the first mall Santa, but she also didn’t really understand why she was being subjected to this. Her expression, omg.


We had dinner at the National Harbor before heading home:


One of my fav things she does is wring her little hands and stretch them out like “what? Why?” It’s so cute.


Before her bath, we were able to get some cute pics of her sweater:


One of my co-workers makes cookies every year for the holidays:


The people down the hall from us always have door decorating contests. I liked this one:


I went to an actual stylist for a professional cut and color for the first time in forever.


Have cat, will travel:


Lotta snow en route to Pittsburgh for a quick pre-Christmas trip!


I liked that this house, across the street from Doug’s parents, made their Halloween lights a part of their Christmas display. (Note the bats.)


I got these deer on sale at the place we bought our tree. They look nice!


I splurged on this super cute Princess Awesome dress for Elena. How could I not!!?


Pluto is hidden in the pocket:


Here’s the back – there’s a little comet on one shoulder!


We stayed up entirely too late on Christmas Eve – me wrapping presents I didn’t have time to wrap sooner, Doug, working on some soup for Christmas dinner. We tried to cook as much as we could ahead of time, and had so many people coming, we were going to have to do buffet style!




Our card this year:


Ok, this is long, so I’ll do Christmas itself (and post-Christmas) separately!