18th century fair (July)

At the end of July, I met up with Rebecca and her family. She had bought me something at the Jane Austen festival so this was a good excuse to get together! The historical society in Baltimore was having an 18th century market/demo event, so we met first for breakfast and then checked out the market.

It was way too hot for costumes, and we had toddlers in tow, so we went in muggle clothes.


This was my breakfast and it was awesome.


Elena and Rebecca’s youngest are a few months in age apart – we were two of the four preggos at Stephanie’s pumpkin tea two years ago!


The gravel was more interesting to Elena than any of the demos.


Rebecca’s older daughter making rope.


They also had a nice indoor museum, and they had put a bunch of baby/toddler toys out in one of the large spaces and the littles were super into that. It was a nice break from the heat, and fun for them! We neglected to get a group pic, but it was lots of fun to meet up!