Williamsburg Day 1 (February 2020)

We didn’t travel really in January, so it was mostly day to day stuff with the kiddo and work. But February was a pretty packed month, which ended up being a really good thing, given everything came screeching to a halt in mid-March. :-/

Colonial Williamsburg was having a fashion event, and Gloria and Mike invited us to share a house with them and hang out and do some costumed stuff!

It was a little bit complicated by me having a Friday morning doctor appointment I couldn’t get out of so we got a bit of a late start. And also we were just going to have to wing having a toddler with us.

The first thing we did was try to catch up to Mike & Gloria and some of the others who were down for the weekend at the art museum.

Elena was really good at the museum and enjoyed the small kid coloring area. She was also very taken with this horse.

I was very taken with this circus wagon Terpsichore:


And we both liked this little carousel:









After we were done at the museum, we headed back to our historic house to meet up with Mike and Gloria! We stayed in the George Jackson house, which has two suites, and upstairs which includes a bathroom, bedroom, and study, and a downstairs suite that has similar rooms. The upstairs bed was super tall and had a canopy. Very cool. We stayed upstairs and Mike & Gloria stayed downstairs.

Bed view!

Elena and I curled up for some snuggle and iPad time.

This is the back of our little house:

One other bonus was seeing my dear friend Gen. I met her many DragonCons ago when we needed a Captain Jack for a masquerade sketch and she was the only one who answered by Yahoo group post. She was an awesome Captain Jack, and we have been good friends ever since! We don’t see her very often, though she did come visit in 2018 and was unfortunately a victim of #BabyPlague2018. Anyway, she arranged her schedule to go to Williamsburg this weekend instead of later in the spring (which turned out to be a good idea for other reasons) so we were able to spend lots of time with her. The first of which was dinner at Blue Talon. Remember when we could eat dinner in restaurants without fear of catching a horrible virus? Me neither. But apparently we used to.

Also though Elena has historically been pretty good in restaurants (she has been going to them since her first week of life), she is also a toddler. But I have to say she was excellent through out all our meals. At this one, Gen gave her an adorable plus barn filled with horses and a little man, all of which she outfitted by hand. It was lovely.


Here she is feeding one of the horses.

Fried oysters:

Pea soup, which Elena loves.

Mac & Cheese


Some more pics of the house:



Gen had apparently rented this house before, and used this as a cheese stand. It was still there.

After dinner we hung out at the house for a while. Elena dragged Auntie Gloria around for a while! Click through for the video!