About the Blog

Just a quick note – warning? – about this blog. It exists largely as a way for me to record/remember things that have happened, trips I’ve taken. For me, photos are the biggest means to do that. So you’ll find most of my blogs are super photo heavy. But I’m not a professional travel blogger. No one is paying me, and I’m not writing for anyone else here. I’ve published a few more professional travel blogs on Norway Traveller, and I approach that sort of writing differently than on this, more personal blog.

When I travel I write to remember what I did, where I went, what I ate, where I stayed, and what I saw.  It’s easy to forget the details of a trip if I don’t write them down. I also find it useful if I have a friend who wants to go to a place I’ve been, to be able to point them to the specifics of that trip and what my recommendations are.

I post in bursts since I’m super busy. And I’ve got kind of a backlog usually. So it’ll be 2 posts at once and then nothing for a while.

I apologize if commenting is annoying – the spam situation is fairly hopeless, and disquis is largely the only way to control it for right now.

Please do feel free to follow on Instagram for a distillation of the things I like to take pictures of. They include, but are not limited to: Disney, guitars, flowers, sunsets, friends, bands, places I’ve been, my cat, and work stuff.


Thanks, and enjoy!