National Harbor

So, during my week off between Christmas and New Years (omg, it was so nice, but I really could have used another week!), I met Doug for lunch at the National Harbor, which is only about 25 min from my house. They recently-ish put in this big ferris wheel, which is sorta tacky but also can sorta look cool at … Continue Reading →

2015 Books

Goodreads redid their Year in Review for books – I screencapped mine. I did read more than last year, so that was good!

How Stuff Works Video Shoot

My friend Holly came to visit me at Goddard with her film crew for How Stuff Works. We did interviews for a day (all of which were actually ahead of schedule and went extremely smoothly), and then intros/outros/interstitials the next. It was a really fun two days – and here are some pics! Blurry selfie of me and Holly: Interviewing … Continue Reading →

Photo Year in Review – 2015

ok, gonna try to do this, because I need to remember that 2015 didn’t totally suck. So here is just the good stuff. January One of the best things (which was a carryover from 2014) was Athena’s Daughters 2. I’m so proud of this antho and the amazing stories in it. And I’ve made some great friends from the authors … Continue Reading →

More Disney Food and Wine Recipes

I did a blog post with a bunch of these in one place. Here is our next batch. I’ve included links to online recipes where available. The others are in Disney Food & Wine cookbooks. Beef Mrouzia with Couscous, Morocco Pavilion, Restaurant Marrakesh Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Baileys Ganache from Ireland. We had to make a few adjustments. We … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – November, part 3

Angela really sweetly sent me a little gift to cheer me up. Thank you! Beatles pencils!

What I’ve Been Up to – November, part 2

On to the 2nd part of November! Here’s Willow in front of a painting my mom did of her. She hopped up on this spot herself. And before long was emulating the painting! My intern-for-the-week Jasmin and Nick (the person that recommended her to us) sent me a sweet package with this in it – a signed Split Enz picture … Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Barbacoa-Style Beef Tacos

Barboacoa-style beef tacos – we made this recipe for dinner tonight (ok, this was written ages ago) and it was omg incredible. It’s meant for a slow-cooker, though I’m sure you can adapt it. The marinade was super easy and we threw it together this morning and then the house smelt great all day. Here’s the video, I’ll put their … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – November, part 1

I loved that USA Today for real printed the Back to the Future newspaper: My friend knitted these mittens for her Etsy and they are mine. Muahahaha! I love them! Seen on the internets: At lunch – the great phone comparison. My iPhone 5S is on the top. Just so happy! As I posted earlier, “I was there two days … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea

Here are some pictures from November’s superfun Pumpkin Tea! The chocolate Pentagon was a nice touch! I made a new dress! I made a quick new one for Mom too: There was an ordered fabric free-for-all! Group shot: Regency wedgie shot for Jen! Gloria’s photo: Gloria’s photo: My partial inspiration (plaids – or at least the cross-barred ones – are … Continue Reading →

Halloween Treats

Here some things we tried for Halloween this year. The first was brown butter rice crispies. These are made just like regular ones, only you brown the butter before you put the marshmallows in. Brown butter is made by heating and stirring butter longer than usual until it caramelizes and turns brown. You do want to keep stirring so it … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – October, Part 3

Yep, you get a part 3! Here’s some more cat: Jasmin, my intern for the week, sent me a present! Wrapped in cupcake paper! Because we had a running cupcake joke after we traumatized her with cupcakes and a Nobel Laureate: Look at the awesome stuff she sent me! More late dahlias: Our anniversary dinner at Christophers ended with this … Continue Reading →