Glendening Nature Preserve Redux Cubed

Another beautiful weekend in September, another long 4 mile loop at Glendening Nature Preserve! We stopped at the Butterfly Garden of course! A common checkered skipper: A sleepy orange sulphur: A common buckeye: A sleepy orange sulphur: A pearl crescent, I think: And a tiny frog!

Norway Day 9: Oslo Museums and Parks and Dinner

We arrived at Oslo from Alta with no problem, got the flytoget to Oslo S, and checked into the same hotel we stayed in when we got to Oslo the week before. We got a much smaller room, but it was still very comfortable. Here’s the hotel: It’s right in Oslo S, and super easy to get to, you … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 9: Alta to Oslo

Our last morning in Alta – a beautiful day right before we headed to the airport. This is the view from our hotel window – I love that we could see Alta fjord and the mountains, as well as the Nordlyskatedral. Here’s the view as we took off from Alta as we headed back to Oslo: Then we saw this … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 8: Berlevåg to Finland to Alta

The next morning we met the guys at the Neptun Pub and packed up to go back to Alta! (I should note here, that while we were in delightfully temperate Berlevåg – weather in the 50s – at home in DC, they were having the hottest weather of the summer – temps near 100. It was awesome.) Here’s morning in … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 7: Afternoon/Evening in Berlevåg

In the afternoon, we tracked the guys down (they hadn’t left the Neptun Pub) and we managed to find out what they had going for the afternoon. There was a town festival including a “duck drop” (apparently NOT live ducks) and a hot dog eating contest. The guys had also ordered up a giant thing of reker (peel and eat … Continue Reading →

Explore @ NASA Goddard

A couple weeks ago, we held an Open House at NASA Goddard – it was 5 years since we last opened our doors to the public. It’s a huge undertaking, from the security standpoint, from the logistical standpoint (food trucks!), and from the entertainment standpoint. For JWST, we had Q&As from inside the cleanroom, an IR camera, and other related … Continue Reading →

Glendening Nature Preserve Redux Redux

Doug and I did another 4 mile or so loop over at Glendening Nature Preserve back in early September. Not much in the way of butterflies, but we checked out the boardwalk they have into the marshy area that gives you a view of the South Fork of Old Galloway Creek, off the Patuxent River. Here are a couple pics. … Continue Reading →

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

The Nat Geo Museum in DC has a great exhibit on now about Indiana Jones and archaeology. It’s on until Jan 3rd. It’s really awesome – costumes and props from the movies, real artifacts, a really good interactive audio/video guide. It’s a big exhibit – took us 3 hours. They had a lot of costumes, including Marion’s bar fight outfit, … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 7: morning in Berlevåg

The next day in Berlevåg was gorgeous. In the fifies, sunny – just beautiful! Our pensjonat owner also owns an art glass gallery, so we decided to check that out. The art was lovely – I only snapped one pic, of these pieces which had the symbols from the Alta rock carvings on them! How cool! They had lots of … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 6: Three Men Electric Jam

Our first night in Berlevåg, my friends had a gig at the Neptun Pub. The pub even had a smoke machine which Håvard made liberal use of. It was really fun! Here are some pics of my friends from the night. Lotta smoke!

Norway Day 6: Midnight Sun in Berlevåg

After the guys did soundcheck in Berlevåg, and we checked into our Pensjonat, we headed back to the Neptun Pub – this is where they were both staying and playing gigs for two nights. Here’s the English page for the Pensjonat (pronounced penshonat). They have rooms that have a shared bathroom and upstairs, apartments that have their own bathrooms. We … Continue Reading →

Okonomiyaki Pancakes

We got a subscription box from Try the World featuring Japan right around the time I picked out the Okonomiyaki pandake recipe out from our Food & Wine cookbook. So it felt like a sign that we should try it! The Try the World box came with a kit like this: It had nearly everything we needed. The Food … Continue Reading →