Big Bang!

I was excited last week to see our JWST litho right in the middle of the screen in this scene!

You’re a kitty!

She’s so funny. :-) I love her hind foot sticking out!

What I’ve been up to… (September)

It’s been a somewhat crazy two months, but I still managed to do some fun things! Band rehearsal: we always make our drummer wear the big red ring when we play “Help!” – it’s not an exact replica, but the best I could find!

Happy cat!

365 – by month

I took screencaps of each month of my 365 project (on the 365 site) because I thought it was kind of fun to see my year go from summer to fall to winter to spring and back to summer and to see the holidays go by. I thought I’d post them here.

The cat knows who is boss…

And it’s not me or Doug!

Protected: IVF, egg retrieval and what it was like

  • By M@ggie
  • September 18, 2011
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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Big Bang Theory + Wil Wheaton

I’m really bummed to have missed this – but this vid of the Big Bang Theory group meeting Wil Wheaton is so great! (Thanks, Michelle!)

What I’ve Been Up to since June (iphone pic post)

I haven’t posted random life stuff since June, so here we go: I spent the 4th of July with friends in Laurel seeing the fireworks there:

DC Abbey Road on the River 2011

My consolation prize for not being able to attend DragonCon this year (I had to stay in town for treatment for the breast cancer I’d been recently diagnosed with. It sucked, but I’m fine now, it was caught early.) was that I was able to go to the DC Abbey Road on the River. This is something I’m obviously not … Continue Reading →