Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 2, Montserrat 2

So, here we are up on a mountain in Spain up at Montserrat, on a hike, heading back down to the funicular.

Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 2, Montserrat 1

We took the subway to the stop that had transfers to the train and from there were able to someone giving directions and selling tickets to Montserrat. So it ended up being pretty easy. On the train ride there, we were sitting across from two pairs of women who started chatting about where they were from and what their lives … Continue Reading →

Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 1, La Ramblas

So, after our day visiting Cathedrals, we wanted to get paella for dinner. The hotel recommended a place, and it was quite a walk away from the hotel, farther than we thought it would be. It was by the harbor. And was open early enough for us non-Spaniards. Unfortunately, it was really expensive and the food wasn’t very good. And … Continue Reading →

Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 1, La Sagrada Familia 2

So, I think I’m caught up on everything but Spain and Las Vegas. But I still have tons of pics! When last I left off, we were going to take the lift up to the top of one of the spires of La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona.

Fall + Halloween + Life

So, most of the fall pictures I’ve taken were posted with my 365 stuff, but I have a few more. I spent part of a weekend cutting back my dahlias. I didn’t have quite as many flowers as last year, but I had quite a few!

Regency Pumpkin Tea

So here’s some belated pics of sadievale‘s pumpkin regency tea! I have an iphone camera app with a self-timer and I was able to get us all in the shot:

Rally to Restore Sanity, a Water Leak, and Halloween

Yet one more thing I’m behind on! I was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or fear on the Mall a few weeks ago. This photographer got great shots from the Washington Monument: Lots of funny signs: Photos: Betsy and Conley arrived the night before and stayed at my house. Caitlin and her brother and father met … Continue Reading →

365 catch-up, post 3

Another batch and outtakes:

365 catch-up, post 1

So, I’ve been doing the 365 project – taking a picture a day for a year. They’re here: But I’ll post some of them here. I’ve also been posting outtakes on LJ, so I’ll include those.

Fall flowers


Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 1, La Sagrada Familia 1

After Barcelona Cathedral, we took a subway over to La Sagrada Familia. The subway in Barcelona was really easy to use, and we used it a lot. La Sagrada Familia is right by a subway stop too, so it was very convenient. A little background – La Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi, is not finished yet, though they started building … Continue Reading →