Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 1, Barcelona Cathedal

Back to the Barcelona Travelogue. When I left off, we were going to check out inside of the Barcelona Cathedral. But first a few more exterior pics. Here’s a nearby courtyard with a fountain:

Spain trip report: Barcelona, Day 1

On the Wednesday of our trip, we took a plane from Madrid to Barcelona first thing in the morning. We were flying Spanair and we weren’t sure how easy things would be to navigate, but it ended up being really easy. Everything went really smoothly despite the fact that we were really tired from not sleeping. Oh, ok – it … Continue Reading →

Spain trip report: Madrid Day 3, part 2, more gardens

So, when last we left it, we checked out the Botanic Gardens. Next we headed over to the Parque del Retiro, a large public park. Some scenery on the walk:

Spain trip report: Madrid Day 3, part 1, museums and gardens

Back to Spain. Monday we headed out to the Reina Sofia museum, which has modern art. Not my favorite thing, but some of it was fun to see. They have a lot of Picassos and Dalis there. And you could take pictures. Back down the hill we headed towards where the museums are:


I’ve been participating in the 365 Project – if you want to see my picture a day, they’re here: and a handy RSS feed! My outtakes (many of which I really really liked, but I could only pic one) are here: ie:

Spain Trip Report: Madrid Day 2, Museums

Ok, back to Spain! One our second day in Madrid, Sunday, we decided to go see a bunch of museums because they were going to be closed on Monday. We really wanted to go see El Escorial, but it was a long train ride away and I was exhausted. The weather wasn’t great either. So since we couldn’t see the … Continue Reading →

Spain trip report: Madrid Day 1, Palacio Real

Well, I’m back from Spain – 3 trips down, 1 more to go! I had a fantastic time and I got to hang out with another old internet friend I’d never met before, loleia! We’ve known each other from the Episode II days when she ran the Padme’s Wardrobe site. Anyway – the Spain trip came about because Doug had … Continue Reading →

LA/Big Bang Theory trip, part 2

Here’s part 2 of my story in which there is a tour and more costumes! You’ll want to tune in for the costume part for sure. It’s good! Ok, so Tara drove us around the lot in a golf cart and I snapped pics. You might see some familiar scenery! Also, you can pay to take a tour:

LA/Big Bang Theory trip, part 1

It all started with a Big Bang. Well, actually, it all started with a beach ball. Not just any beach ball, but one imprinted with data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (just call it WMAP for short – we do, it’s much easier). This educational beach ball was developed right here at Goddard, and a couple of months ago … Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney concert

So a long time ago, like August, I saw Paul McCartney in concert. He opened the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

China, post 20 – The Flight Home + The Loot

Wow – I really didn’t think it’d take so many posts! And again, this is mostly for my benefit, so I remember what I did. Of course by now it’s kind of a distant memory. Oh well, can’t win them all! When we got to the airport, one of the first things we saw was this armilla. It was a … Continue Reading →

China, post 19 – Summer Palace reprise, part 2

And the rest of the Summer Palace pics…