Summer Palace

China, post 18 – Summer Palace reprise, part 1

Whew, our last day in China! Doug hadn’t gotten to see the Summer Palace, and I’d rushed through it, so we headed there Saturday morning, since our flight wasn’t til evening and we had lots of time. Here’s a little info about the Summer Palace:

China, post 17 – Yuanmingyuan Park reprise

We headed back to the hotel after our trip to Tiananman Square and the Forbidden City. Look, a dentist:

China, post 16 – The Forbidden City

Last time I posted, it was about Tiananman Square – which is right next to the Forbidden City. You have to go under the portrait of Mao to get in. I’m just going to cut/paste a little bit of stuff here from Wikipedia: The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the … Continue Reading →

A few more DragonCon pics

Michelle just posted some more pics.

What I’ve been up to – iphone pic post

So, with all the traveling, I haven’t posted about what else I’ve been up to! We had a whole slew of birthdays in August. Here is Koji’s birthday lunch:

China, post 15 – Tiananmen Square

Saturday morning (wow, we’re actually on to Saturday!) we took a tour to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Sean, our previous tour guide, gave the tour, which was great. We didn’t have a huge group – which was good because The Forbidden City is easily the most crowded of all the places we went. We had thought we might … Continue Reading →

China, post 14 – Ancient Observatory

Note: I did a blog post on the Ancient Observatory for work, so I thought I’d just re-use it, since it made things easy! :-) * * * * * I just got back from a trip to Beijing, China, which was a very interesting experience. Beijing seems to me to be a study in contrasts – ancient, yet very … Continue Reading →

China, post 13 – Temple of Heaven reprise

Doug took Friday off his conference and we headed for the Temple of Heaven in the morning. We had breakfast as usual. By now I was mostly having friend eggs or omelets. I discovered they had what was essentially won ton soup. It was really good! Another morning, I thought they had it, but it had shrimp in it and … Continue Reading →

I think one more post and then I’ll shut up about DragonCon…

Here are the pics from my other camera! Lots of the Disney photo shoot, and renaissance DC superheros, Glee, and Don’t Blink! The view from our room at night:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Monday

So I hardly took any pics Monday! We woke up, and had to get back into Glee Gaga again for J-9’s Amber’s video shoot. Betsy came up and we sewed Michelle into her costume for a 3rd time, and then had to take the stairs 25 flights down because the elevators had such a long wait! We booked over to … Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up a little before 10. I got a text from penwiper337 that she was wearing her Don’t Blink Dr. Who costume, which I had missed at least twice now. So I threw on some jeans and ran down to the lobby to see her! Oh, and mailed some postcards:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Saturday

Saturday morning was the parade, which, as usual, I skipped in favor of sleep. :-( The weather was really nice on Saturday, actually, so it was a good day for it. We met on 10 for another dance rehearsal and to take some pics! Here is jainamsolo as Penny from the Big Bang Theory: