DragonCon 2010 trip report – Thursday and Friday

Here’s Thursday and Friday at DragonCon! At BWI: There were a whole bunch of people clearly going to DragonCon. The guy with the equations on this shirt. The woman with the rectangular green headdress. The woman wearing steampunk goggles and carrying a steampunk mask with feathers…

China, post 12 – Banquet and Olympic Stadiums at night

Thursday night was the banquet. We met up with Sharon and Dave to take the buses a long drive into Beijing to a hotel. We were expecting better food than we got. We did drive by the Drum tower on the way there…

China, post 11 – Food and Silk

Back to China – we’re all the way to Thursday! If you recall from the Great Wall post, Wednesday, it rained. I woke up early to this: But a little later, it became this: That’s right, blue sky!

China, post 10 – Great Wall

Wednesday afternoon was our trip to the Great Wall. And it was pouring. The section of the wall that we were going to is the Badaling Great Wall. It’s one of the closest to Beijing, if not the closest. It’s also the most touristy and for me didn’t really have the feel of the Great Wall. It was like Disney’s … Continue Reading →

China, post 9 – Yuanmingyuan

Hooray, we’re finally on to Wednesday! Wednesday was the big Great Wall trip which made me nervous because my stomach was not-so-good. I took it easy in the morning and then decided to get out for a bit. I took a stroll across the street to the supermarket to refresh our water supply, and since I felt ok, I decided … Continue Reading →

China, post 8 – Hou Hai

Back to Tuesday – after the morning at the Summer Palace, a terrifying bike ride, and a Mongolian Hot Pot lunch, we hopped on rickshaws and toured this old section of town, called the Hou Hai. (Hai means lake, fyi.) This area has a lot of hutongs, or houses built around a courtyard. We also visited one and talked to … Continue Reading →

China, post 7 – Temple of Heaven

And… we’re on to Tuesday! Tuesday was a long day. In the morning, we saw the Temple of Heaven, Tiantan – for like 20 minutes. Actually, that’s not quite true – there is a large park that surrounds the temple itself and lots of people hang out in the park and do tai chi or other things like that. We … Continue Reading →

China, post 6 – Olympic Park

So, we’re still only on Monday. After a morning at the Summer Palace and an enjoyable lunch, we got back on our buses and headed for the Olympic Park. Here’s some scenery from the drive:


The dahlias are attracting more butterflies and I was able to get this one to sit still for me while I snapped some pics!

Paul McCartney

So, we temporarily interrupt the China travelogue because of this: I saw Paul McCartney in Pittsburgh last night and it was *awesome*! He played for 3 hours! Our seats were really good – maybe 20 rows back – and I got the above pic from maybe 3-4 rows back because they were letting people go up to the front to … Continue Reading →

Hubble Gotchu

A crew from the Jimmy Fallon show came out to Goddard to film a new segment, and I got to follow them around all day. It was so funny and cool! I wrote up a whole blog on it with photos here: http://astrophysics.gsfc.nasa.gov/outreach/podcast/wordpress/index.php/2010/08/03/maggies-blog-webb-gotchu/ and a little followup: http://astrophysics.gsfc.nasa.gov/outreach/podcast/wordpress/index.php/2010/08/09/maggies-blog-webb-gotchu-follow-up/

A few misc pics

Bad Willow, sleeping on my Beatle blanket!