China, post 5 – Summer Palace

Monday morning, we woke up to a nice, smoggy day:

China, post 4 – Bei Hai Park

So, we’re still on Sunday, our first full day in Beijing. In the morning we did the Lama Temple – and then we headed over to Bei Hai Park (literally North Lake Park). It’s rather large park – and built around a lake. This is the part that’s publicly accessible:

China, post 3 – Lama Temple

One of things we did before going anywhere else, was find a place to buy water! You can’t drink the water in Beijing. The hotel provided us with 2 small bottles a day, which was good for brushing teeth and such, but wasn’t going to cut it for providing us with drinking water. Someone in the elevator told us about … Continue Reading →

China, post 2 – Arrival

The 45 minute or so cab ride from the airport to the hotel was interesting – a first glimpse of China. We passed the Olympic Stadiums, which I saw much more of later. Here’s what I saw of the Bird’s Nest as we drove past:

China, post 1 – View from the Top

I was in China last week. Doug went to an international conference at Tsingua University in Beijing, and I went along for the ride. I was able to to go on a bunch of tours with other family members of conference attendees. I had a wonderful time! So here are a few pictures from the flight over. The flight was … Continue Reading →


Since I’m waiting for something to download, I give you – Butterfly! I couldn’t believe he sat still for me! I took these right before the big storm!

Picture post June/July

Just tying up some loose ends… Here’s what I was up to! Last thing I posted was I think about the 4th of July. Here’s a pic with me in it from the fireworks on the 3rd.

Old pics

A found a couple of old pics from Ed’s birthday in 2008 at Pasta Plus!

4th of July

Ok, one more catch up post! I spent the 3rd of July flying back from Florida and then checking out some local fireworks with my friends:


Last week my friend Rob and I went to go see Ringo Starr up in Lancaster, PA. Our drive went smoothly, no real traffic, which I was worried about. We got there in time for some thai food for dinner. Yum! He had his All Star band with him, which included the lead singer of the Romantics, Mr. Mister, Gary … Continue Reading →

A few videos from Florida

Here are two videos I took in Florida – one of the sunset and one of the Man-o-war. I actually took a little video of that gorgeous sunset and rainbow. It was so beautiful. DOUBLE RAINBOW! Here’s a quick vid of the Portuguese Man-o-War we saw on the beach!