more high school – now with 100% more physics team!

I’ve had so much fun the last two nights commenting back and forth with high school friends on the photos I posted on Facebook. One of them, who had blue hair in 1992, after rolling his eyes about his picture, promptly used it for his Facebook profile picture! I added a few more, but I don’t think they’d be that … Continue Reading →

high school

All this Facebook stuff (everyone at work is on it now, so we’ve been talking about it a ton lately) has made me super nostalgic for high school. It’s been amazing getting to touch base with old friends. Anyway, so I scanned a bunch of high school photos (ok, and one junior high and one college) for fun. So here … Continue Reading →

The Empire State Building

I took this picture last weekend from around 7th and 30th Streets.

I heart the water color filter! Plus, cherries!

It takes a blurry picture and makes it arty. Or so I think anyway, feel free to disagree! When we were stopped at Wendy’s in Breezewood on the way home from Pittsburgh, there was a bunny! The pics came out blurry, but I quite like this one: Here are a few of the cherry tree in our front yard: I … Continue Reading →

Because she’s awesome…

Lola just made my night by sending me this little birthday present. For those who don’t know, she is an amazing artist – and she drew the Gray Lady Ravenclaw ghost specially for me! It was so sweet of her – what a lovely start to my birthday! :-)

Another year, another storm…

more tree damage. We had a series of bad thunderstorms through DC/VA/MD yesterday, complete with tornado warnings. The wind and rain were pretty intense. Since our power goes out if someone sneezes, I figured it’d be out for sure. I called home to see if the machine would pick up, and nope. So no power. I got home and was … Continue Reading →

AROTR 2008 – Monday

Monday was the last day – we watched a friend of Janine’s play guitar – he was awesome! I thought of Joe, because he played a bit of flamenco!

AROTR 2008 – Sunday

On the 9th floor, when the doors of the elevator opened up, this was the view. Only at a Beatles convention!

AROTR – Saturday, Part 2

We met up with Laura today, which was great – she took us to an awesome Louisville joint for dinner called Lynn’s Paradise Cafe – the restaurant had all kinds of kitschy decorations – it was really cool. I had a fried green tomato BLT. It was yummy. ETA: In 2012, Laura took her own life. It’s really sad to … Continue Reading →

AROTR – Saturday, Part 1

We had a great view of the festival grounds from our hotel – here is the whole thing:

Abbey Road on the River – Friday

Well, here I am – thanks to Janine for the use of her laptop! The festival is awesome so far, though I was exhausted yesterday, from getting up at 4:45 to catch my 7am flight. (What was I thinking?) Doug took me to the airport, and we left in plenty of time, but there was the longest security line I’ve … Continue Reading →

Garden stuff

Our peony has one bloom – I think that’s all we’re going to get from it, but it’s one more than last year!