AROTR 2008 – Sunday

On the 9th floor, when the doors of the elevator opened up, this was the view. Only at a Beatles convention!

AROTR – Saturday, Part 2

We met up with Laura today, which was great – she took us to an awesome Louisville joint for dinner called Lynn’s Paradise Cafe – the restaurant had all kinds of kitschy decorations – it was really cool. I had a fried green tomato BLT. It was yummy. ETA: In 2012, Laura took her own life. It’s really sad to … Continue Reading →

AROTR – Saturday, Part 1

We had a great view of the festival grounds from our hotel – here is the whole thing:

Abbey Road on the River – Friday

Well, here I am – thanks to Janine for the use of her laptop! The festival is awesome so far, though I was exhausted yesterday, from getting up at 4:45 to catch my 7am flight. (What was I thinking?) Doug took me to the airport, and we left in plenty of time, but there was the longest security line I’ve … Continue Reading →

Garden stuff

Our peony has one bloom – I think that’s all we’re going to get from it, but it’s one more than last year!

Swell Season

So, last night with the Swell Season concert – it was at the Myerhoff in Baltimore, which is a concert hall. It was a kind of mellow show – no standing this time! But it was very enjoyable. Instead of just Glen and Marketa, they had a full band with them, which included an electric fiddle. They played some new … Continue Reading →


There was a small new green Oak leaf on my windshield this morning – it looked so neat with the rain and the light. I took a few pictures..

Lovely Day

It was so pretty out today – not too hot or too cold, and sunny. We spent a lot of the afternoon gardening – putting in some vegetables we bought at a local place, and I planted the cosmo seeds I’d saved from last years plants. We also bought a small rose bush and a rhododendron – I’m not sure … Continue Reading →

Crowded House at the 9:30 Club

Tonight I saw Crowded House at the 9:30 Club and it was AWESOME! I love the 9:30 Club – it’s small, with a balcony, and no seats. So you get a really personal show, tickets are cheap, and if you’re in the front of the floor, you’re literally like 7-10 feet away from the band. There’s not big gap between … Continue Reading →

Robin and Tulips..

This robin made a nest on top of our drainpipe and then proceeded to divebomb us every time we came near.

Beatlefest ’08

Well, Janine and my Beatlefest is done for this year, but we had a great time! Here are some pictures!