Phipps Conservatory, Part 2

Part 2 – more pictures! I went a little crazy with the delfiniums -the colors were just so pretty! :-)

Phipps Conservatory

I went to Pittsburgh this weekend for Easter, and we went to my favorite Phipps Conservatory – they had lots and lots of spring flowers and I took like 300 pictures. I might make 2 posts of pictures!

On Guitar Stores and Boys Clubs. (Also I haz a new guitar!)

Let me show you it! And here is my story, which has some guitarspeak and some annoyance and ultimately amusement at the boy’s club that is a guitar store. I’ve really been wanting a Rickenbacker, like the one George played in the Beatles. Actually, he played a 360 12-string, but I heard mixed reviews because the Ricks have narrow necks, … Continue Reading →

National Gallery & Air & Space and Cultural Artifacts exhibit photos, Washington DC

I’m (very slowly) going through the images I took last weekend in DC. I was testing out the indoor non-flash setting, and I’m pretty pleased! Some of the images are flash though. First, some images from the National Gallery of Art!

The Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh

Two weekends ago when we were in Pittsburgh, we went to the Carnegie Museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. They actually had some nice paintings and such too, along with an extensive 100-year-old-or-so collection of castings of famous pieces of art.

Northern California 7 – San Francisco

We drove back down the coast and back over the Bridge – here’s the view from the famous curvy Lombard St. You can see Coit Tower in the distance:

Northern California 6 – The Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Coast, and Muir Woods

The Golden Gate Bridge! It was the first time I’d seen it, so that was fun!

Northern California 5 – Monterey

We got to Monterey and did an Amazing Race type navigation to find the Monarch butterfly grove, as Monterey is where the Monarchs winter. We found it, finally, but the butterflies were all clustered on this one tree that was in a neighboring yard to the butterfly sanctuary. They had a telescope trained on them, and I took some pics … Continue Reading →

Northern California 4 – Driving towards Monterey, Pinnacles National Monument

Across the San Joaquin Valley we go – maybe orange trees are normal for you California or Florida folks, but they were novel to me!

California Pics 3 – Sequoia National Park

More big trees!! And fog!! Cue the heavenly choirs! It’s the biggest tree in the world! (By volume.) Other trees may be taller, other trees may be wider around, but no tree is as big. By volume. This is General Sherman. Not to be confused with the giant catfish on The Simpsons. More trees! Bad photo of me! Here’s the … Continue Reading →

Northern California 2 – Kings Canyon

We stayed in a hotel near Yosemite and the next morning we hit King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

Northern California 1 – Yosemite

I’ve been meaning to post my November California trip pics, but just haven’t gotten to it! Here they are! Lake Mono, from the airplane. I think this is Lake Powell: The first National Park we saw was Yosemite. Yosemite is kind of special because it’s a Valley carved by a glacier. Unfortunately, our day there was very cloud and hazy, … Continue Reading →