Holyhead Harpies

Here are all my Harpies pix. I took a ton of Mel, because I knew some of you might want them. She just looked so happy, especially when Janine gave her the signed quaffle. It was really touching. I hope she had a great DragonCon. It looked like she did. They melted!

Misc DragonCon costume pics

My one arty shot, taken from the Firefly line. This was one of the cleverest costumes I saw there: Bjorg. Good Batman costumes – I was at a bad angle to get Catwoman. One, two, hands of Blue. From Firefly. They were even carrying an iphone with a pic of Summer on it. Cassandra in her fabulous sack dress. Chris … Continue Reading →

DragonCon pics

I was up super late doing those Pepper pics, so I only got a few non-Pepper pics up. I have lots more! The lovely Cassandra in one of Nini’s costumes from Moulin Rouge: I got a really nice one of her hat: lordofhaladin as Dr. Horrible: Watchmen: This is the only shot I got of Alan chasing Nathan in the … Continue Reading →


I’m at the airport and have access to internet here. This is the first chance i’ve gotten to log on since leaving for DragonCon!! I’ve just been so busy that I never had time to get online! I had an absolutely amazing time and I was so happy to get the chance to see everyone. Emily, we missed you. That … Continue Reading →

Game night!

My friends Bryan, Don, and Ed came over and we played some board games – Jenga and Trivial Pursuit. Both were newly purchased at an amusing trip to Target and dinner at Monterey. The new Trivial Pursuit was bizarre – it had “levels” of difficulty dependent on your dice roll. The way they catagorized the questions was, well, questionable. Also, … Continue Reading →

The gladiolas bloomed…

And our new rose bush is doing well.. Lots of flower pics within!

And a few flowers…

This one is blurry, but I like it anyway – a butterfly on our mimosa:

Bird update

We have baby mourning doves! Don’t worry, I wasn’t that close – I used a zoom lens. She’s way cooler about things than that stupid robin was though. No dive bombing. The babies are growing fast though! A couple of days after this, mama was off somewhere, I got this pic of the babies:

Another band gig – Celebrate Goddard Day

We played Celebrate Goddard Day last week – a half hour set. It was a long and tiring day and I’m surprised I’m still up. Got up at 7:15 (which is early for me!), had breakfast and headed to Kevin’s to pack up our gear. Set the gear up at Goddard, felt incredibly nauseus and not good in the stomach. … Continue Reading →

Garden photos

I haven’t taken any pics in a while! Oh, and we neglected to take that robin’s nest down when they were done with it – and just yesterday we found another robin in it! So I think we’re in for more divebombing once the eggs hatch. Ugh! We’ve also got another nest in the bush in the front – this … Continue Reading →

I met Carbon Leaf!

Here’s me and the rhythm guitarist! We saw Carbon Leaf tonight for free outside at Power Plant Live in Baltimore! We went with my friend Kevin (who plays bass in our band) and his wife Jenna. Jenna has loved Carbon Leaf ever since she saw them on the BNL cruise in January (they were one of the bands on the … Continue Reading →

More garden pics

On July 5th, our watermelons (we have 2 of them!) looked like this: Yesterday that exact watermelon looked like this: Here’s the other one: We have mourning doves making a nest in our Mimosa tree: More flowers!