Abbey Road on the River 2017

Abbey Road on the River this year was pretty low-key, but great. My fav Norwegians and Dutch folks were there, as was Katie. Katie and I were both pregnant, so neither of us were drinking or staying up exceedingly late. I did the best I could, but I was tired!! And the hotel was far from the new festival venue. … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River

Ok, let’s time travel back to May and what is always one of the highlights of my year, Abbey Road on the River. Though I missed not having Janine there, one of my other besties, Katie was – and my Norwegian friends were also there, so I was a happy girl. It’s not a huge secret that things have been … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2015

I never really got around to posting these, so here was AROTR 2015. It was an odd year. My Norwegian friends weren’t there, and one of the Dutch guys, who is in this amazing group that does a lot of 3 part harmony CSNY/Eagles type stuff, had issues with immigration. It sucked. I felt terribly for him, and everyone was … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2014

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  • July 6, 2014
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What can I say about Abbey Road on the River? It’s like DragonCon – my once-a-year chance to see friends I adore but never get to hang out with otherwise. The weather was pretty much perfect again – a little warmer than last year, but far cooler than the scorcher two years ago. This year I flew in Thursday instead … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2013

So in May I went to Abbey Road on the River in Louisville – my 5th year going there. It was going to be a bit of a strange year because a lot of regulars weren’t going to be there. Janine was at Balticon, Rob (the drummer in our band who has been going every year) had gigs with his … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2012

My friend (and drummer) Rob and I flew into Louisville for AROTR 2012: We met up with our friend Katie right away – and it was obvious from the hotel that we were in the right place for Beatles geekery!

DC Abbey Road on the River 2011

My consolation prize for not being able to attend DragonCon this year (I had to stay in town for treatment for the breast cancer I’d been recently diagnosed with. It sucked, but I’m fine now, it was caught early.) was that I was able to go to the DC Abbey Road on the River. This is something I’m obviously not … Continue Reading →

A couple of vids from Abbey Road on the River

Here is Billy Fisher from Revolver doing Ringo’s “Sweet Sixteen” – Billy filled in for them when their original drummer got sick before the festival. I don’t think Billy sings much, but I think he sounds great! And also, they apparently just learned the song.

Abbey Road on the River 2011

I had such a great time this year – not only did Michelle get to come for the first time, but Janine surprised us by showing up on Saturday! In addition to my friend Rob, Michelle, Katie and J-9/Ron, two of Katie’s friends, Cara and Alex came along. They were really fun girls, and we all had a great time! … Continue Reading →

Abbey Road on the River 2010

Here’s a big write-up on Abbey Road on the River – it’s just basically my iphone posts all pasted into one, so I’ll have them on this journal. My friend/drummer Rob and I met Katie and family at AROTR! My work friend, Sara got me this bag!

Abbey Road on the River 2009 – Long!

I just got back from Abbey Road on the River where I had an awesome time hanging out with Janine, my friend and bandmate Rob, and Allie, the 13-year old daughter of Janine’s friend. (Katie, we missed you!!!) We had a really nice time together and saw lots of great music! Because Janine has worked on the festival, like last … Continue Reading →

AROTR 2008 – Monday

Monday was the last day – we watched a friend of Janine’s play guitar – he was awesome! I thought of Joe, because he played a bit of flamenco!

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