Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

While in Cleveland for Katie’s wedding, I was able to take Doug to the Rock Hall – he hadn’t really been before and it’s one of my favorite places ever. Here are some pics. Steve Miller guitar: That 5-necked guitar tho‚Ķ Maybelle Carter guitar: Muddy Waters: Elmore James: Elvis: Carl Perkins: Eddie Cochran Chuck Berry: Beatles!!! Ringo’s jacket David Crosby’s … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, Part 3 – Museum of Art

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  • August 23, 2014
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Katie and I spent an afternoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art – it was free and a really nice museum with a great cafeteria! They had a lot of really old textiles! This is from Egypt and is 1000 years old! So is this! I have lots more pics of the textiles and of the captions – and of … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, Part 2 – Rock Hall

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  • August 18, 2014
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So when I visited Katie in Cleveland, we went to the Rock Hall again. I think I could just camp out permanently at that place. There is always so much to see – and they do change the exhibits up so while some things were the same (and I tried to mostly not photograph the same things I did last … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, Part 1

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  • August 17, 2014
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Doug had a conference in Cleveland so I went with him to visit Katie. Katie and I did the Rock Hall, Melt, Squire’s castle, the duck pond, Granite City, and the art museum…all in 3 days! On the flight there, we flew through gorgeous clouds – and storms that caused us to get out late and fly around Cleveland waiting … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, part 4

After our day at the Rock Hall, we had dinner at Melt, a sort of gourmet grilled cheese place. Their sandwiches are crazy big. This was my shrimp po boy grilled cheese. Yes, those are hush puppies in the sandwich. After dinner, since we were both tired, and since we couldn’t find any live music that appealed, we just geeked … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, part 3

Stevie Nicks stage outfits. Check out her heeled boots – they’re platforms, which is a style that’s really in now. Interesting.

Cleveland, part 2

Saturday morning we hit Starbucks for breakfast, detoured through downtown and then hit the Rock Hall. Where we were pleasantly surprised that they now allow photos! (They didn’t last time we were there. And last time we were there, the Beatle display was under construction, so no Pepper suit.) Johnny Cash’s tour bus: Guitars! Woo!

Cleveland, part 1

So a few weeks ago, I visited one of my BFF’s, Katie, in Cleveland. The abbreviated version is: Panini’s, Boneyard, 80s hairband, rain, Starbucks, detour through downtown, Rock Hall, pic spamming, Melt, Help!, The Beatles first US Visit, A Hard Day’s Night, giggling, fangirling, zoo, rainforest! So Friday night we went to a sports bar, Panini’s to meet up with … Continue Reading →


I just got back from an *awesome* weekend in Cleveland, where amaz0n_princess and I visited katie_beatlefan. The weekend didn’t start well. Doug dropped me off at the airport, I walked inside, and there was a HUGE security line. I could also see the gates were down. Security was closed. I tried the other side, where the line was shorter, but … Continue Reading →