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Celestial Ball

Next up, we are into May! Thanks to Janine and Ron babysitting for us, we were able to attend the Celestial Ball at Gadsbys Tavern. I was just a tad slow to realize that the ball was on… May the 4th. Also known as Star Wars Day. Get it? Celestial Ball? Anyhoo, once I realized, I sprang into action. I … Continue Reading →

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AwesomeCon 2019

I only went to AwesomeCon for one day, but I had a great time. I got to hang out with Mike and Gloria and do a photoshoot with them, and I got some quality time in with Janine at the Princess Awesome booth, since she was helping boothsit for them, and I was happy just to hang out. Plus my … Continue Reading →

Salem/Costume Con Days 2 and 3

Salem/Costume Con Days 2 and 3

Back to CostumeCon! I already posted about Gloria and I and our Friday sightseeing in Salem. After our day, we headed back to the hotel to get dressed up to go to the social. I brought my Anovos Trek dress because it was easy to pack and wear. Meanwhile back at home, Doug and the munchkin were grocery shopping: With … Continue Reading →

Salem/Costume Con, travel + Day 1

Salem/Costume Con, travel + Day 1

In March, Gloria and I adventured to right outside Salem, MA for CostumeCon! She was an awesome roommate and we had a great time seeing friends and doing some sightseeing! At the airport: Meanwhile at home… I missed Elena terribly! And Doug of course. He took Elena on a trip to Pittsburgh to see his family, which was a huge … Continue Reading →

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Francaise Dinner 2019

Also this past spring, was the 2019 Francaise dinner. Doug and I were supposed to go and Janine and Ron were going to babysit for us… and then Elena got sick and I didn’t want to expose them to germs (especially given how Baby Plague 2018 turned out). So instead Janine went as my guest and Doug stayed home with … Continue Reading →

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The New Kit-Cat Club photo shoot

So Mike & Gloria of In the Long Run Designs have been doing this really cool project called the new Kit-Cat Portraits. When they were at the National Portrait Gallery in London, they saw a room of portraits of men (of course) who were members of the Kit-Cat Club, which was an 18th literary/dining club. The portraits have an interesting … Continue Reading →

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Victorian Tea

After Longwood Gardens, we headed to the DuPont Hotel for our tea. Kat was kind enough to let me use her room to change and also gave me a hairpiece which I used just for fun. This was butter and lemon curd, but it looked like an egg yolk! The huge dining room: Meanwhile, Doug took Elena over to a … Continue Reading →

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Victorian Christmas Tea 2018

Back to costumes! We’re finally at the Christmas season! These photos are from Caroline’s Victorian Christmas tea. I love her parties! Victorian is a huge hole in my wardrobe, so I rewore my 1840s plaid gown, but that’s ok because I like this dress. (I have since bought a couple Victorian gowns on a FB buy/sell group so I’m hoping … Continue Reading →

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Austenland Tea

Ok, I am in need of a happy post, so here we go! Stephanie’s (November) Pumpkin Tea this year was themed “Austenland,” and inspired by the movie. So costumes were encouraged to be less-than-historically-accurate, over-the-top, and the food was the same. It was super fun. Since I had no sewing time, I wore a reddish/pink Spencer that is pretty loud … Continue Reading →



Halloween! This is another baby post, basically. Halloween is an excellent occasion to dress your baby up in cute costumes, and as I had no time/interest for baby sewing, I used stuff I bought. Like this cute astronaut flight suit that was marked 12 months (and we were at 11), that was, alas, way too small. I put blue leggings … Continue Reading →

Historical Hogwarts party

Historical Hogwarts party

My friend Chelsea hosted a Historical Hogwarts themed tea this October (busy month, seriously!). Janine, Conley, and I carpooled down to Williamsburg to make a long day trip of it. Janine and Conley were Slytherin. As were most of the partygoers. The host was Hufflepuff. I was the lone Gryffindor at the party. I repurposed a white regency dress with … Continue Reading →

England Day 4: Harry Potter Studio Tour, part 2

England Day 4: Harry Potter Studio Tour, part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Harry Potter Studio tour – some of the outdoor stuff! It was here that we took some of my favorite pictures, so I’m just gonna lead with those. They had the covered bridge from the movies – obviously it wasn’t high up in the air, but right on the ground. It’s really ornate though, and … Continue Reading →