Cosplay DC Woodlawn House (December)

Cosplay DC Woodlawn House (December)

Back in December, I participated in one of the Cosplay DC events, which was at the Woodlawn Mansion in Virginia. It was tough coming up with what to wear because I’d have an hour drive, maybe no place to change, and no will to do complicated hair and make-up. This mansion has some interesting history – it was originally … Continue Reading →

Washington International Horse Show Kids Day aka the best day of Elena's life

Washington International Horse Show Kids Day aka the best day of Elena’s life

You guys, I’m super behind on blogging because apparently it’s a lot of work to both work full time and have a toddler at home. Not the catch-up time I imagined. But at least we are not doing anything so I won’t have new blog posts to write after Feb 2020. Sigh. Anyway, I did want to find time to … Continue Reading →

National Zoo (September)

National Zoo (September)

On Sept 1, we decided to check out the National Zoo. I’m pretty sure I have been there before, but it was a very long time ago. The National Zoo is free, and basically situated on a big hill. Parking was tough and of course, we didn’t think to check out what the situation was. Fortunately, we found street parking … Continue Reading →

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ARTECHOUSE: Infinite Space

ARTECHOUSE did a show called “Infinite Space” and since it was space related, my co-workers had an outing to go see it after a work meeting in DC in July. ARTECHOUSE has giant screens and a mirror floor as well as some other spaces, and has some interesting light and sound installations, often created by processing some sort of data. … Continue Reading →

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Apollo 50th (July)

One of the coolest things we did this summer (and I’m so glad we made the effort) was to check out the Apollo 50th projection show on the Washington Monument. Katie and her family happened to be in town, and were doing Boy Scout/Family stuff part of the time, so they were already in DC, and we met them there … Continue Reading →

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ELO Concert (July)

In July, Doug and I went to go see ELO in concert in DC – I was really excited to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO since I love ELO’s music. And he’s also a Wilbury. AND George Harrison’s son Dhani was opening for ELO. I enjoyed the show? But I wasn’t wowed like I expected to be. I had one friend … Continue Reading →

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Birthday trip to Natural History (June)

For my birthday in June, we headed into DC to check out the newly opened dinosaur exhibit at Natural History, as well as the butterfly tent. I’m sure we did lunch somewhere too, but if we did, I didn’t take photos! A few people had butterflies land on them! This particular T-rex is a real skeleton recently acquired by the … Continue Reading →

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Carolyn’s Goodbye Party (June 2019)

In June, Carolyn had one last costume party at the beautiful Capitol Hill house they had been renting for the last few years. We were very sorry to see Carolyn go, it was so nice having her in DC! I was going to be a little late to the party, so I wanted something quick and easy to change into … Continue Reading →

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AwesomeCon 2019

I only went to AwesomeCon for one day, but I had a great time. I got to hang out with Mike and Gloria and do a photoshoot with them, and I got some quality time in with Janine at the Princess Awesome booth, since she was helping boothsit for them, and I was happy just to hang out. Plus my … Continue Reading →

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Cherry Blossoms and Kite Festival (March 30, 2019)

Seeing the cherry blossoms in DC is always a crap shoot weather-wise. We’ve had years when we’ve had to bundle up because it was so cold (last year) and other years when it’s been really pleasant. Fortunately this year, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, peak blossom and the beautiful weather hit on a Saturday, which meant everyone would be there. But … Continue Reading →

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We had a work outing in February to this DC art gallery called ARTECHOUSE. They were running a really interesting light/sound exhibit called Everything in Existence. It used real-time software generated visuals, including one that gauged the mood of every tweet and made a real-time map of it. The main room has a mirror-polished floor that you had to wear … Continue Reading →

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Viking Ship Draken Harald Hårfagre

Back in October, we checked out the Draken Harald Hårfagre, a (modern) Viking ship, that was docked at the Wharf in DC. More about the ship: This boat is much larger than the ones found in excavactions. It’s seaworthy. The Vikings didn’t leave much of a record for how they built their ships or how they sailed them, but … Continue Reading →