Disney Food & Wine! (Friday)

Friday ended up being a hugely long day! We went to three parks and walked over a half marathon of miles. We started out in the morning at Hollywood Studios, which, still in the grip of Frozen-mania, gave out these cute Olaf fans. Which remind me of the Facebook stickers since Katie and I use the Olaf ones a lot. … Continue Reading →

Disney Food & Wine! (Thursday night)

Look at me, I’m posting! Woo! So Doug and I took a quick weekend at Disney before our annual passes ran out to eat ALL the things at Food & Wine and go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. We stayed at a cheap hotel instead of a Disney resort and focused our cash on FOOD. When we got … Continue Reading →

Annual Florida Vacation – First Disney!

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  • July 23, 2014
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Since we still had annual passes, so we spent an evening at Disney on the front end of our trip to the beach. I didn’t catch this breathing fire, but it was really cool! We did get on the 7 Dwarfs Mine Car ride, which was fun, but a sort of kiddy coaster. This is the dwarf’s house: We had … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half

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  • April 12, 2014
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So this happened back in February. I am very tardy. Ok, so Doug and I hit the Magic Kingdom our first night there and got a couple hours in: Alice topiaries: Carousel and Castle: We got on Space Mountain twice and had a nice time. We stayed one night at Port Orleans Riverside, which was ok, but to get to … Continue Reading →

Disney Marathon Weekend, part 2

Back to Disney. Our next day, we headed to Animal Kingdom. I’d never seen the hippos sacked out like this before… I love Giraffes! Elephants and flamingos: Ostrich and zebras. We got a great look at the zebras this time.

Disney Marathon Weekend, part 1

In January, Doug and I took a long weekend at Disney to cheer for Meredith and Amber who were running in the Marathon weekend races. It has been a cold winter here so it was nice to get out of it for a little while. It was overcast when we got there, but the rest of the weekend was gorgeous.

More pirates!

A couple of extra pictures I snagged from Janine from our Disney trip! A group boat-ride shot and a nice one of me and Doug!


So, I wore my brand new “Rum Island Shift” from Pirates of the Caribbean at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year.  Last year, riding Space Mountain in Star Trek costumes was awesome. This year it was riding on Pirates of the Caribbean in a PotC costume. Achievement unlocked! Our whole group had pirate costumes. Of a sort. I … Continue Reading →

Disney Food & Wine & Halloween, part 2

So after the Halloween party, the focus was back to food. Or running, since Doug, Ron and Amber all did the 5k in the morning. Doug and I split some breakfast in the morning, from the cafe by the Beach Club, which was good, but it filled me up too much. Since Doug and I headed out for lunch not … Continue Reading →

Disney Food & Wine & Halloween, part 1

So it’s been like 4 whole months since we were last at Disney (and that was only for an evening!) so we went out for Food & Wine, the Tower of Terror races (Doug did the 5k), and Halloween. Because the Magic Kingdom decorate for Halloween is awesome. So get ready for lots of food pictures since we love how … Continue Reading →

Disney Flower & Garden (and food!) – Monday

We had a late flight out on Monday so we had pretty much a full day to spend at a park. Even fuller once we learned our flight was delayed by 2 hours. Fortunately this time we had a rental car, so we could plan accordingly. We had 4:45 dinner reservations at Boma, so we spent the day at Animal … Continue Reading →

Disney Flower & Garden (and food!) – Sunday

Sunday morning we headed for the Magic Kingdom. We hit Space Mountain first and since there was only a 10 minute wait, we went on it once. And then we got off and did it a second time. Slightly longer wait, but still not bad. We saved our Fasspass for Splash Mountain. We acquired the Fast Pass and then went … Continue Reading →