Arizona trip – Day 4, Indian ruins

After the eclipse, we used Bob’s telescope to look at the planets (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) and then we finally packed it in. We headed back to the Dam Bar & Grill (they were out of Dam chips!) to celebrate. We were tired and very silly and dinner was a great time. Then it was to bed and up really … Continue Reading →

Arizona trip – Day 3, Annular Eclipse

Next up – the eclipse! We managed to find a Mexican dive restaurant open for some lunch – it was ok. But they had a picnic table and we ate and relaxed a bit. After a rest at the hotel, we headed out to the Dam visitors center, where we were going to take a shuttle to the Wahweap Overlook. … Continue Reading →

Arizona trip – Day 3, Antelope Canyon

On our way back to the parking area at Horseshoe bend, we actually ran into Craig and his dad. We agreed to meet up later for dinner and headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit. Since the Dam Bar and Grill had a wait, we found someplace a few doors down that oddly had both Mexican and … Continue Reading →

Arizona trip – Day 2, Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend

After Rainbow Bridge, we had lunch at the Dam Bar & Grille. Their Dam chips were excellent. And many lame Dam jokes were made. After lunch was our scheduled spontaneous time, so we headed to the Glen Canyon Dam visitors center to see if we could get on a tour. As I waited on line, there was some lady in … Continue Reading →

Arizona trip – Day 2, Rainbow Bridge

After we left the South Rim, we headed north towards Page, which is where we’d be staying for the rest of our trip. We had to get up early in the morning the next day because we were taking a couple hour boat ride on Lake Powell to go see Rainbow Bridge: We started way over on the left at … Continue Reading →

Arizona trip – Day 1, Grand Canyon

Time to recount my Arizona trip from last month. Doug and myself, along with several work friends, met Michelle out in Arizona – our ultimate goal was to see the solar eclipse, but we also wanted to get as much sightseeing in as possible. My officemate, Don, had gone out a few days early and was doing his own thing. … Continue Reading →

Arizona adventure!

Here’s my trip to Arizona in (relatively) short. I have a ton of photos I’ll eventually post though! I headed out west with some friends of mine last weekend – our main goal was to see the solar eclipse on Sunday, but we also took in some sights while we were out in Arizona. Tim, Craig, Doug and myself flew … Continue Reading →


More to come!