June Florida Vacay - last day, Disney!

June Florida Vacay – last day, Disney!

After a big holiday break and a lot of intensive work at home in the evenings feverishly uploading pics to Flickr (and praying they don’t go away), it’s time to try to catch up with some blogs again! At this point, I am like 7 months behind. yay. So last I posted, I was enjoying going through our lovely Florida … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – Day 7 – June 2019

On our last day on New Smyrna Beach, my sisters-in-law and nieces and two nephews did our now traditional shopping trip on Flagler Ave. We started out with coffee at Beachie Beans! Random pics from stores. We got back in time for lunch, and check out the adorable maxi dress on Elena! After Elena’s nap, we joined the family out … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – Day 6 – June 2019

Day 6 in New Smyrna Beach! A sleepy baby: A Minnie swimsuit! Last year Elena would go to whomever wanted to hold her, no problem. But this year, it was Stranger Danger all the way. Unless I wasn’t there. But if I was… She let Aunt Jan hold her in the water for a little bit. But then nope, she … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – Day 5 – June 2019

Day 5 in New Smyrna Beach! Morning snoozes after her bottle: A morning at the pool: She let Aunt Maria take her over to look at the water and play with the water spout. Someone was getting tired. Lunchtime and all changed into a New Smyrna Beach onesie that was a present from one of her Aunts! Back to the … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – Day 4 – June 2019

Day 4 in lovely New Smyrna beach! The sunglasses only lasted like 5 minutes of course. After a morning at the pool, it was time to get dressed for lunch at JB’s Fish Camp! (Note Fish Camp t-shirt.) So, the previous night, at like 2am, there was a Falcon Heavy launch and a bunch of us got up to watch … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 3

Here’s Day Three in New Smyrna Beach! Our sleeping girl. I like that she often sleeps like this! Eager to get outside! Also, this bathing suit is easily one of my favs. We went out for a morning walk: And picked up some shells: Time for breakfast! This little hassock that was in the condo was perfectly sized for her! … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach - June 2019 - Day 2

New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 2

Back to the beach! Or first full day, Sunday, had us getting dressed and heading to Mon Delice, the French bakery, for breakfast sandwiches (sausage, egg, and cheese on brioche) and coffee. A New Smyrna Beach tradition! Well, first stop was to run the beach stuff down to one of the tables by the pool. I can’t believe my baby … Continue Reading →

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New Smyrna Beach – June 2019 – Day 1

In June we had our annual family beach vacation in New Smyrna Beach. These beach posts are going to be heavy on baby pics. #warning #sorrynotsorry Our flight down was easy (and not horribly delayed, thankfully). Elena had a bottle and watched Coco (on silent) on the iPad. We stayed at this really cool B&B in Titusville called Casa Coquina … Continue Reading →

Florida video wrap-up

I strung together a bunch of the little snippets of video we took of Elena in Florida this summer, so if you want to know what it looks like for a phone, when a baby tries to eat it, or want to see Elena playing peek-a-boo, trying to crawl, or eating a nectarine, this is for you!

Animal Kingdom – June 2018

We had one last day of vacation, so we did a day of Disney, and picked Animal Kingdom, partly so we’d have more time to explore Pandora. Also partly because it’s the most shaded park. And thirdly because I manage to snag fast passes for the boat ride, not something we wanted to wait on a line for. I enjoyed … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach – June 2018 – part 7

Getting near the end of our trip. Another day, another new swimsuit, since I was unable to control myself at Target. Another nap on mama too. Time for lunch and a dry swimsuit! Those thighs! Always a lady! Time to play in the sand! After her nap – we found her sitting! This was the first time she sat up … Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Beach – June 2018 – part 6

Day 6! Up for another morning walk – another day, another hat! Doug hung out with Elena at the condo while I went to the stores on Flagler Beach for coffee and shopping with my sisters-in-law and nieces. The nieces: Doug kept me updated while I was out! I saw this turtle on a box in one of the gift … Continue Reading →