Vacation Day 7 – Las Vegas & the Beatles Love show

And now! Vegas! I had to take a picture of the Mirage as we drove past! We stayed in the Luxor pyramid. Guess who was playing there? Carrot Top. DO NOT WANT. The view from our room: We wandered around a bit and through Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. We saw the Aquarium in Mandalay Bay, which was cool. Lots of … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 6 – Zion at sunset

So, here are a few pics of Zion National Park in Utah, at sunset – and a whole bunch from driving around the next morning. These are the ones from the next morning from the east side of the park: This is a view of the windows in the tunnel through the mountain:

Vacation Day 6 – Zion

Bryce was *freezing* and windy, so we were glad to move on to Zion, which was nice and warm. The drive into the east side of Zion is just amazing. You’re surrounded by towering stone “sand dunes”. Once upon a time there were sand dunes thousands of feet high and over time they cemented and compressed. They still kind of … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 6 – Bryce in the morning

We’d heard the light was amazing in the morning at Bryce, so we got up super early. We suspect the tour book was aiming at summer visitors – since the light is more an angle all the time during the fall, we had nice light all the time, pretty much. In summer, you might only get that in the early … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 5 – Bryce Canyon

After saying goodbye to the North Rim, we headed up to Bryce Canyon in Utah. To get to this canyon, you drive through a little park with red rocks, which are neat until you see how many are at Bryce! Bryce is viewed from the rim of the canyon, so you look down at it, as opposed to Zion, where … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 4 – The Grand Canyon, Part III

Sick of the Grand Canyon yet? The next morning, early, we checked out Mather Point again, to see if the light was any different, before preceding on our long drive to the North Rim. Ok, next is a tarantula we saw, so if you’re freaked out by spiders, skip the next few pics! We drove out through the Painted Desert … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 3 – The Grand Canyon, Part II

Ok, back to Day 3 and more of the Grand Canyon. Seriously – a ton of pictures! The colors on this side of the park are lovely and contrasting. That’s the Colorado in the background. You can see the Colorado in the main part of the Canyon here: The Hance Rapid: You can see the nearby rim on the far … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 3 – The Grand Canyon, Part I

I have about a billion pics of the Grand Canyon, many of which look very much the same, so I’ll try to edit myself more than I usually do. The GC is really impressive and at the same time hard to grasp because it’s just that big. It’s also hard to judge in scale because of the nature of the … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 2 – Sunset Crater

Next up was Sunset Crater, north of Flagstaff. Unlike Meteor Crater, Sunset Crater is actually a cinder cone volcano. You can’t climb it, because too many people doing that were damaging it. Not that I would have had the knees to do that anyway. You can’t really see the crater at the top of the volcano from the ground. But … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 2 – Meteor Crater

After Oak Creek, we drove east of Flagstaff to Meteor Crater, a site where a 150 foot meteor made this giant hole in the ground 50,000 years ago. Because of its location and dryness, the crater was very well preserved. It’s 3/4 of a mile across, 570 feet deep, with walls that come up 150 feet above the surrounding plains. … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 2 – Tuzigoot & Oak Creek Canyon

I forgot to backtrack, so here is Day 2 of my trip. Day 1 we saw Montezuma Castle and Well, where cliff dwellers lived. We stayed overnight in gorgeous Sedona. The next day we backtracked a bit so we could catch Tuzigoot, another site with ruins. These were on top of a hill and had a gorgeous view! These dwellings … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 2 – abbreviated for now!

We had a big day today – seeing Tuzigoot (more ruins), Meteor Crater, and Sunset Crater Volcano, among other things. I finally uploaded and edited my pics, but I’m too tired to post them, so they’ll have to wait! Plus, tomorrow is a big day too – we head for the south rim of the Grand Canyon! I haven’t really … Continue Reading →