Epic LA Trip, Big Bang Theory

When we planned this trip to the Big Bang Theory for the taping, we also wanted to interview some other people associated with the show. Apparently talking to the executive producer like we did last time, no problem. Talking to anyone else? Have to go through the publicity people. Who replied right away saying talking to David was no problem … Continue Reading →

Epic LA Trip, Northrop Grumman

Ok, back to the travelogue. Doug and I started Tuesday morning out at the cafe across from our hotel. I’d gotten the best bacon, egg and cheese bagel EVER there the last time I was in town. And it was on my checklist to have one this time. It was delicious:

Epic LA trip, LA Arboretum and The Price is Right

We had some time Monday morning before I had to meet up with Sara, so Doug, L and I headed to the Arboretum. It was actually really cool! Here are a whole bunch of pics: They had lots of free roaming peacocks!

Epic LA trip, Fabric!

Back to the LA travelogue! So after Huntington Gardens, Loren and I headed for the Garment District. We passed this: Yep, that’s where Leonard and Sheldon live. You know, if they were real.

Epic LA Trip – more Huntington Gardens

After our tea at Huntington Gardens, L and I spent some more time wandering around.

Epic LA Trip, Huntington Gardens

The weather hadn’t been very good just prior to our arrival in LA – we just missed a big storm. But it was also supposed to rain and not be nice most of the time we were there. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to this Sunday morning: The weather was gorgeous the rest of the time we were … Continue Reading →

Epic LA Trip, Huntington Gardens: Beautiful Science

Our first morning in LA, Loren, Doug and I headed to Huntington Gardens. Doug was going to meet our college friend, Joe, for lunch, but he had an hour free beforehand. The first thing we hit was their permanent exhibit of old and rare science books. The exhibit is called “Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World” – and they … Continue Reading →

Epic LA Trip, George Harrison exhibit

Doug, my co-worker Sara, and I went out to LA to see a taping of the Big Bang Theory. The coolest part is that we were guests of their science adviser! We also were able to, last minute, get permission to interview their set decorator and prop master. I also had contacts at Northrop Grumman (they’re building JWST’s sunshield and … Continue Reading →

LA/Big Bang Theory trip, part 2

Here’s part 2 of my story in which there is a tour and more costumes! You’ll want to tune in for the costume part for sure. It’s good! Ok, so Tara drove us around the lot in a golf cart and I snapped pics. You might see some familiar scenery! Also, you can pay to take a tour: http://www.yelp.com/biz/warner-brothers-vip-studio-tour-burbank

LA/Big Bang Theory trip, part 1

It all started with a Big Bang. Well, actually, it all started with a beach ball. Not just any beach ball, but one imprinted with data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (just call it WMAP for short – we do, it’s much easier). This educational beach ball was developed right here at Goddard, and a couple of months ago … Continue Reading →


A few pics from my LA trip.. Some views from the airplane: