Trip Report: Las Vegas, Part 6

While I was at Blogworld, Doug and Don did some touring. One morning they went to Zion. I was a little jealous since Zion is really beautiful!

Trip Report: Las Vegas, Part 5

Saturday morning I finally checked out the pool area (didn’t have time to go in) with Doug. Then he went off on a second casino death march (he made it pretty far too) and I met up with Sara for the last day of Blogworld.

Trip Report: Las Vegas, Part 4

And so begins seeing ALL the casinos. Well, not really. There are a lot of them. We (Sara, Don, Doug, and I) took the tram from Mandalay Bay to Luxor:

Trip Report: Las Vegas, Part 3

I think we’re up to Friday in Vegas. Sara and I went to panels in the morning, and Doug and Don went to go see the Hoover Dam. We met up somewhere around lunch time and headed to the place that Don and I were really excited to see… the pawn shop from the TV show “Pawn Stars”!!

Trip Report: Las Vegas, Part 2

So, the Blogworld convention in Las Vegas was really fun, and I had a great time going to panels with my friend/co-worker Sara. The first day, they actually gave us lunch too – which was Not Bad. Witness. Delicious Salad:

Trip Report: Las Vegas and Death Valley, Part 1

The last trip I have to blog about (til January, anyway) is the trip I took to Las Vegas and Death Valley. I was out there for the Blogworld convention with my friend/co-worker – but Doug and I went out early, where we met up with my officemate, Don. He’d gone out early to see the Grand Canyon and Bryce. … Continue Reading →