What I’ve been up to – November

Time for another catch-all post in between wrapping Christmas presents. The last vestiges of fall: Working on some new tunes at band:

What I’ve been up to October/November (fall, meeting BNL’s drummer, old friends, Star Trek, and more)

Key Lime cupcake. Nom nom: Godiva had fall themed chocolates! I got a chocolate skull for Halloween. Yum. My favorite tree. Everything was so slow to turn this year.


Doug and I had decided to do this ages ago, and we had thought it was going to be nearby, but they ended up changing the location of the event to way out in Leesburg, VA. But it was a nice day (if windy and cold), so we went anyway. We’d never really done orienteering before, but it was fun. … Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Patch

We hit our favorite pumpkin patch late in the day so I didn’t get that many pictures because of the lighting. But I liked the few I did get!

Corn Maze

A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to check out the corn maze that I had no idea was somewhat near my house. If you look on googlemaps (satellite view), this is what it looked like last year: Here are some pics from our day. The maze this time was sea-themed, and there were stations within where you … Continue Reading →

More What I’m Up To (Furlough edition)

Here’s Furlough lunch #2 – Mexican this time. Also, cupcakes, round 2. NOM NOM Willow:

What I’ve been up to Sept/October

Kevin demonstrating the Glyn Johns method of miking drums: Me and Rich being silly: Kevin posted this on Facebook and it amused me. It’s faint but you can see the first and second stage contrails from the Antares launch from NASA Wallops…


So that’s pretty much it for Longwood Gardens. Except for this: After the gardens we headed into Philly to meet up with Betsy and two of her friends for dinner. We met at Spasso’s which is by the water and the old town area. The food was amazing. The gnocci with asparagus was some of the best gnocci I’ve never … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to August/September

I think I’m out of room on my Beatles/Rock bookshelf.. I finished this book. It made me sad because it showed a different side of John, and I like this guy. If you’re a Lennon fan, it’s worth a read. My friend Kjetil recently came out with his 3rd solo album. It’s really good! Check it out on iTunes and … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… August

So Willow doesn’t normally react to the TV, but she was very taken with this show on Leopards. Weird looking moth:

What I’ve been up to… July/August (lots of butterflies and corpse flower pics)

So when we last left off, the corpse flower at the Botanic Gardens in DC had not quite bloomed yet. The corpse flower, if you recall, blooms infrequently for a very short time, and smells like rotting meat for the first 12 hours or so. It’s also like 8 feet tall. The one at the US Botanic Gardens, by the … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To… July

My friend Alex sent this email to our computer help desk about a bug in his monitor. Literally a bug just died inside his monitor! The email made me laugh. Hi Sysadmins, I’ve got a real doozie for you guys today. There is a bug in my machine. Specifically in my LCD monitor somewhere between the polarizing filter and the … Continue Reading →