Birthdays and other things

There were a million August birthdays! Here was Steve’s. Don (and Jennifer) and I successfully pulled off ‘Project Jabberwocky’ and I think Steve enjoyed it. It’s not really worth explaining the joke, really. :-) Then it was Doug’s birthday! We went into DC for the day. Lunch at Oyamel… And two exhibits, one of 16th c Spanish royal armor and … Continue Reading →

iphone picture post

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! Pretty sky on one of our walks around the neighborhood! Changing one of our Visitors Center panels My friend John’s b-day lunch – there were a whole slew of them in August! I had to go to an all day retreat, that I dubbed “Retreat to Go Forward” like on 30Rock. Also, this … Continue Reading →

Yay for old friends!

I got to see an old college friend last night, one of my little core group of physics major friends. We often had a large group for studying, depending on the subject, but I spent most of my time with Chris, John, Jay, and Rob. I haven’t seen Jay since our wedding almost 5 years ago, and his email address … Continue Reading →

iphone picture post

Here are some pics of what I’ve been up to for the last month or so! Willow sleeping where she’s not supposed to. I piled some Madame Alexander doll boxes bound for ebay, which are not unfragile and some other stuff high enough that I didn’t think she would bother it. But I found her sleeping on it, happy as … Continue Reading →

Random picture post

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! The garden is looking good. Lots of dahlias! Lots of iPhone shenanigans since lots of people got the 3GS. Don videoed Mike telling some of if his stories. There was lots of gesturing. This one was at tea. This one was at lunch. There was a much bigger audience. One Monday, after getting … Continue Reading →

A few pics

Mike’s b-day lunch which we had even though he wasn’t here that day. 750 days til Jen shoots Steve!

Pics from the last few days

This is the storm I just drove through, right before it hit. We had just had cupcakes for my birthday, yay! This my b-day lunch at the Indian place in Laurel. It wasn’t as blurry in real life. For some reason, they have a painting of that villa in Lake Como where they shot Star Wars Yesterday, Bryan helped me … Continue Reading →

My parents new place!

Look, it’s my old car! Yay! I miss my Saturn!


It was so fun hanging out with Caitlin and talking costumes and fabric!


Forgot to post this, we had really stormy weather last week, which produced a nice rainbow!    

This is where we saw Help!

Help! was awesome btw!

A few recent iPhone pics

At author Andrew Chaiken’s talk on Mars exploration. He wrote my favorite book on the manned moon program, aptly named “A Man on the Moon”. I did poorly on my E&M final because I couldn’t put his book down long enough to study. Action shot of Joe playing guitar Moon rock! At the Visitors Center Informal education showcase Bizarre fortune … Continue Reading →