Game night!

My friends Bryan, Don, and Ed came over and we played some board games – Jenga and Trivial Pursuit. Both were newly purchased at an amusing trip to Target and dinner at Monterey. The new Trivial Pursuit was bizarre – it had “levels” of difficulty dependent on your dice roll. The way they catagorized the questions was, well, questionable. Also, … Continue Reading →

5th of July fireworks

We missed the fireworks in DC on the 4th because of the iffy weather, but we went to see the local ones in Laurel instead. After dinner at Don’s apt, we met up with Koji, Steve & Mindy and their kids near the lake, which is where the fireworks were fired from. I tried to take some pics, which was … Continue Reading →

Another year, another storm…

more tree damage. We had a series of bad thunderstorms through DC/VA/MD yesterday, complete with tornado warnings. The wind and rain were pretty intense. Since our power goes out if someone sneezes, I figured it’d be out for sure. I called home to see if the machine would pick up, and nope. So no power. I got home and was … Continue Reading →

Our laundry room

We bought vinyl tile for our laundry room like 2 years ago, and have never gotten around to putting it down. For some reason, today I got a bug in my ear to do it after lunch, so I just started. We finished around 9. I am really tired now, but the laundry room looks *so* much nicer. It had … Continue Reading →