Longwood Gardens, January

Longwood Gardens, January

Before the Victorian tea in Delaware at the DuPont Hotel, last January, a bunch of us went to Longwood Gardens. There was costumed photography but because I was baby-wrangling and tired, I just went in Muggle clothes and changed later for the tea. Elena was very recently walking and she held mine and Gloria‚Äôs hands and walked, and it was … Continue Reading →

Longwood Gardens at Christmas, part 3

More Longwood! Fun train set

Longwood Gardens at Christmas, part 1

Everyone told me how amazing Longwood is at Christmas, so Doug and I wanted to work a trip into the already crowded shorter-than-usual holiday season. It turned out there was a regency Christmas party in Philly, so we thought it would be perfect to hit it on the way back. Of course it snowed and the party was postponed, but … Continue Reading →

Longwood Gardends, part 4

Yeah, I took a lot of pics.

Longwood Gardens, part 2

Some more Longwood Gardens: Chenille plant – these things were pretty cool! They had so many different colors of hibiscus, which is really cool!

Longwood Gardens, Part 1

How I managed to avoid visiting this amazing garden near Philly I don’t know. But it’s beautiful and huge and I want to go back. It reminded me of Huntington Gardens in LA. Fall was a great time to visit – lots of stuff was blooming. Doug and I had plans to meet a friend for dinner in Philly so … Continue Reading →