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Fort Fred/baby fashion post

This post is about our quick little trip over to Fort Fred with Elena. I didn’t bother with a costume this year but we both enjoy the 18th century market fair and we thought Elena would enjoy running around. She was a baby last year. The weather was cool and pleasant. We’d had some rain so the grass was a … Continue Reading →

Corn Maze 2018

Corn Maze 2018

Corn maze! Yes, it’s spring, but let’s return to October which is an awesome time of year, to when we did our annual corn maze running with our friends. The last time we did it was like 8 months pregnant but managed it. This time, we had an 11-month-old in town! We used our new backpack for her, and had … Continue Reading →

Butterfly Garden - September 2017

Butterfly Garden – September 2017

In late September last year, we managed to get a hike in at the Glendening Nature Preserve, a place we really like. We’d last been there when I was pregnant, and this time we had a 10-month-old in tow. We also wanted to test out a back pack carrier we’d bought for an upcoming trip to Albuquerque and Colorado. It … Continue Reading →

Graffiti Warehouse

Here are photos of the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, where I attended a DC Cosplay photoshoot. This place was amazing and I’m so glad I got the chance to see it! Here is fence and the alleyway outside. The gate again: Inside the ground floor: 2nd floor: The 2nd floor had incredible murals: 3rd floor: I’m not sure if this … Continue Reading →

Corn Maze

Because I was super pregnant I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to the corn maze this year, but I hated to miss it. So we decided last minute to join our friends and just bail if I wasn’t up for it. Walking at this point depended on where the baby was sitting. Sometimes it was uncomfortable to walk at … Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Patch

Here is our annual trip to the Pumpkin patch last October! This was a month from our due date! And we had a beautiful day for it! :-) Butterfly!

Butterfly Garden

We only got to the Butterfly garden once this fall, but we did make it there. We managed to do the small trail loop, which, considering I was like 7 months pregnant, was an accomplishment. I had good and bad days with walking, depending where the baby was sitting on my bladder, but this was a good day, and it … Continue Reading →

Baltimore Light City

While Conley was in town in early April, we checked out Baltimore Light City, something we’ve never done before. We walked around the Inner Harbor and checked out all the light installations. Had a nice night for it, plus cupcakes, so definitely a win! (Note: the vertical pics are videos – Flickr does a lousy job of embedding them apparently, … Continue Reading →

Corn Maze

We managed to get to the corn maze again this year. We did daytime. It was really windy, but it was still really fun. This is what the maze looked like: Alex touching the “udders.” Oh Alex. Most of our group. Somehow Ed got cut out and you can’t really see Stacy. D’oh!

Pumpkin Patch

Pics from our local pumpkin patch from back in October.

Glendening Nature Preserve

Sadly we only got to Glendening Nature Preserve once this fall – for some reason fall seems to always be busy, and we just didn’t get over there are often as we did last year. But when we did get there, we had a ton of butterflies, so we definitely made up for it!

Brookside Gardens

A beautiful afternoon, and we were in the area, so Doug and I spent an hour or two at Brookside Gardens over near Silver Spring. Spot the butterfly: They have a memorial for the victims of the DC sniper. These rainbow colored echinacea are so beautiful.