Doug’s Cancun pics

A few pics of the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon:

Cancun Trip Report: Day 7, Cancun

Day 7, cont. In the evening we took some pics of the “beach” – the rocks and water were quite pretty. The next morning, on the way to the airport, we check out one of the little beaches not associated with a hotel or condo. The water was gorgeous. But there was someone wanting to be paid to watch our … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 6, Ek Balam

Day 6, cont. On the way back to Cancun, we took the new Autopista. This was a mistake. It initially cost about $4.50 – but nearer to Cancun – we hit another toll booth that ran us another $17 or so. No wonder it was so empty! We did make a stop at Ek Balam, another site of ruins. We … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 6, Chichen Itza, Part 2

Day 6 More photos of Chichen Itza:

Cancun Trip Report: Day 6, Chichen Itza, Part 1

Day 6 Thursday we walked to the ruins at 8am, which is when it opened. We had to check out of the hotel at noon. We finished with the ruins (and barely saw nearly everything) at 11:30. So if you like this sort of thing, leave enough time! We climbed the Pyramid first because it was cool and the stairs … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 5, Valladolid and Dzitnup

Day 5, cont. We continued to Chichen Itza on a much less potholed rode, and stopped in Valladolid. It’s a pretty little town with a very old church, that was unfortunately closed. There are lots of women selling embroidered things around the town square.

Cancun Trip Report: Day 5, Coba

Day 5 Wednesday, we drove over to Coba, at my friend Alicia’s recommendation. It’s on the way to Chichen Itza anyway. (The road here is full of pot hole, so watch out!) It is a wonderful site, with three major groupings of ruins that are spread out in the jungle. Since the distances between are rather large (but still walkable), … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 4, Tulum Part 3

Day 4 After we were done at Tulum, we drove back towards Cancun, and at yes, Cancun for Dummies’ recommendation, we stopped by the Xel-Ha (pronounced Shell-ha) ruins. Yes, they have ruins which are near the Xel-Ha “natural” amusement park. We were the only ones there – and we had a lot of fun climbing on the ruins and checking … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 4, Tulum Part 2

Day 4 More of Tulum.

Cancun Trip Report: Day 4, Tulum Part 1

Day 4 On Tuesday morning, we took a taxi to the airport to get our rental car. From the airport, we drove to Tulum, Mayan ruins that sit on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean. The roads were actually fine and not scary to drive on or anything. But by the time we got to Tulum, the weather was looking ominous. … Continue Reading →

Cancun Trip Report: Day 3, Garrafon

Day 3 Monday morning, we took a few more pictures outside (just can’t get enough of that water!). We took a motorized catamaran over to Isla Mujeres. The water was an amazing color that shifted in how dark or light green it was.

Cancun Trip Report: Day 2, Cancun

Day 2 On Sunday we tried in vain to find a Mexican Catholic Church to go to Mass at. We followed one lead from a bellboy that had use looping up and down the whole island. After 40 fruitless minutes on the bus, we decided to go to the Sheraton for a later mass. We got off the bus and … Continue Reading →