Seattle Trip Report: Saturday and trip home Sunday

Saturday morning, we rented a car for the day. I was so tired of big meals by this point, that I just had a granola bar for breakfast! We walked to the car rental place and I got another view of the Space Needle:

Seattle Trip Report: Friday afternoon

So, after the EMP museum, we got lunch at a Greek place, and then split up. Doug and I headed off to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Center. Another view of the Space Needle:

Seattle Trip Report: Friday morning

This includes the Experience Music Project and the BSG Costume Exhibit! Friday morning it was (surprise) raining. Doug and I headed down to Pike Market for breakfast. We decided to eat at the place with the view of the water we’d eaten lunch at previously. Don had to do some work so he caught up with us. We walked past … Continue Reading →

Seattle Trip Report: Thursday afternoon

After we packed up the booths, Don and I headed off to meet Doug by the Columbia Center. My back/hip really started hurting, something that flares up every now and then. It usually doesn’t last too long, but it really really hurts. So after some effort, Don and I found a bus (free!) that would take us to closer to … Continue Reading →

Seattle Trip Report: Monday-Thursday

So as I was saying last time, I was in Seattle for a meeting. It started first thing Monday morning, and I tell you, it’s so nice going to meetings on the west coast, because getting up early is easy. :-) Monday was… rainy. I definitely grew to appreciate the various awnings and sidewalk coverings because it really is as … Continue Reading →

Seattle Trip Report – Day 1, part 2

My officemate, Don and I had gotten tickets for the 1:30 harbor cruise, so we raced over there to make the boat, which we did without any problem. We were still on east coast time, and having had a big a breakfast, we weren’t that hungry yet. Also, I didn’t want to eat right before a boat ride in case … Continue Reading →

Seattle Trip Report – Day 1, part 1

I’ve had no chance to talk much about my Seattle trip, so I’m going to do it now. Or some of it now. Bad me. I don’t remember what all I’ve said, so I’m going to start at the beginning. Essentially, I went out there for the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting. Doug was away the whole week before at … Continue Reading →