A few new Space Camp pics via Facebook

Geoff just posted these on Facebook. It is bizarre seeing photos of myself from 20 years ago that I’ve never seen and never knew existed! Me, astronaut Byron Lichtenberg, and Mary again. Wow, I’m short. Trey, Ann and me. They were the first two people I met there – they were from the same town and knew each other already. … Continue Reading →

Moar Space Camp!

I had a crappy camera and none of my pics turned out. Probably because they were inside and low light. Fortunately two of my roommates (Ann and Heather) sent me copies of their pictures. I scanned them in. So here is my Space Camp experience. Basically, I attended “Space Academy II”, which was for 10th-12th graders. They had 3 tracks: … Continue Reading →

Another blast from the past…

A friend from Space Camp that found me on Facebook just posted this pic. This was fall of ’89 and I’m about 15 here. And Space Shuttle Commander. :-)