Since I’d been unable to go on the variety of other Williamsburg trips (IVF can really limit your travel), Gloria proposed we go this summer for a weekend. So we did in July! I wasn’t super pregnant so I was ambulatory if a little slow, and we had a really nice time. Thanks, Gloria, for doing the organizing! We first … Continue Reading →

El Galeon

Doug and I met up for a morning in Alexandria to see El Galeon, a replica 16th century Spanish galleon. It was docked temporarily there, and you could go aboard it and explore. It was pretty cool. There would be 70 to 100 hammocks here below deck: Captain’s quarters:

Mount Vernon

I haven’t been to Mount Vernon since… well, the last time I was there I didn’t have a digital camera. My mom and I went sometime when the gardens were blooming and it was lovely and I always meant to go back. But you know how it is with cool places that are like 40 minutes from home – you … Continue Reading →

Jamestown and Williamsburg

A few pics of Jamestown and Williamsburg: Jamestown: