Another guest blog on Norway Traveller

Here’s my latest guest blog for Norway Traveller on our driving trip from Bergen up to Sognesfjord!

Guest blog update!

My next travel blog about northern Norway is up! The full thing was split into three parts – this first was on my friends’ hometown of Alta. This one is about Hammerfest, and the last part is about Berlev├ąg! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

Guest blog!

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Norway Traveller! I’ve followed David’s original “Life in Norway” blog for a while now, and he recently spun off travel-oriented posts into a new blog. My blogs (there will be two) are about touring Finnmark County, in northern Norway, with my friends’ rock band. In the first, … Continue Reading →

The Phantom Menace: Transcript of Cut Scenes

For your enjoyment, a parody fic my friend Mike V. and I wrote years and years ago, I think even before Episode II came out? Maybe? It is a loving spoof of both Episode I and working for the government, and I was surprised how well it holds up. And just how well it sticks to actual dialogue from the … Continue Reading →

Athena’s Daughters Library of Congress panel

We were invited to do a panel on the first Athena’s Daughters anthology at the Library of Congress “What If” Science Fiction & Fantasy forum. It ended up being really fun! I packed up a suitcase of books to sell and metroed to Cap South. I was a little early so I had the chance to snap a few pics. … Continue Reading →

Athena’s Daughters

Hey y’all! You might remember I was a part of Athena’s Daughters – an anthology of science fiction written by women about female protagonists. We did an open call for submissions for Volume 2 and we have a crop of really amazing stories. Our Kickstarter for pre-ordering is over in just 48 hours and we’re doing so incredibly well. Really … Continue Reading →

Time Traveled Tales 2

  • By M@ggie
  • July 11, 2014
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Time Traveled Tales 2 is out! I’m really excited about this. As you might remember, our Time Traveled Tales anthology did so well we put together a bonus anthology with the same authors including the late, great Aaron Allston. I’m really happy with my story in it! So if you are interested in a copy, you can order one here: … Continue Reading →

War of the Seasons & Athena’s Daughters

Lots of big doings for Silence in the Library Publishing! The first thing is Janine Spendlove’s Kickstarter for her fantasy trilogy, War of the Seasons. In the interest of full disclosure, I was a beta reader on all three books (that’s right, I’ve already read the unreleased 3rd book!) and she’s one of my best friends, and I just so … Continue Reading →

Whee! I might have a story in Time Traveled Tales!

Good news! If our Kickstarter reaches $14,000, I’ve learned that one of my short stories will be in the e-book version! (It’s at almost $12,000 now.) My story is about music and time travel (and the Beatles may or may not have some involvement), so if that sounds remotely interesting to you, please check out the Kickstarter and help us … Continue Reading →

A Hero By Any Other Name

Woohoo, the anthology with my story is now OUT! Ok, you guys, I know this is right on the tail of my last post about Silence in the Library Publishing’s Kickstarter for Time Traveled Tales (which is already up to $2k!!) BUT the other big project that Silence in the Library LLC has been working on is now out! It’s … Continue Reading →

Time Traveled Tales Kickstarter Launches!

Time for a literary post that is sort of related to Star Wars. Do you like the Expanded Universe authors? Because this anthology might be for you! Silence in the Library Publishing (of which I am a part), Kickstarter, and a host of renowned authors including names like Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn, are hoping to make … Continue Reading →