2016 Year in Review – costume events

Yeah, I got literally nothing done this year. In my defense, I was still suffering from my general costuming malaise and then I actually had a successful pregancy, so between changing sizes and being dead tired, I didn’t really do any sewing. I started a waistcoat for Doug when Gloria and I had a sewing day, but it’s still sitting … Continue Reading →

2016 Year in Review

As I said in one of my other posts, this was a rough year personally. But there were lots of good things that happened, and frankly, more of them than I had realized. Here’s what I wrote on Facebook. I’ve written and erased various posts about how tough a year 2016 was. It’s hard to figure out a balance between … Continue Reading →

2016 Year in Review – costume events

This year had what might have been a record number of costume events. The holiday tea, the Riversdale 12th Night ball, Birthnight Ball, Francaise dinner, Fort Fred, Awesome Con, Kat’s Victorian Seaside Party, Jane Austen Ball, Riversdale Fancy Dress Ball, Carolyn’s mini costume gala, Pumpkin Tea, Halloween, Gadsby’s fall ball, Carolyn’s Victorian Christmas Tea… and those were just the ones … Continue Reading →

2016 Year in Review – food

I’m trying to find new ways to do a year in review, especially for a year that was kind of a dumpster fire. But it wasn’t all bad, and in reviewing, I’m actually starting to feel a lot better about it. I’m going to divide it up differently this year. This post is on FOOD. We ate at a bunch … Continue Reading →

2016 books

I feel like I didn’t read as much this year. It was, as I’ve said, a hard year personally.  And I’m almost? embarrassed to say I reread the same book a few times, just because I found it comforting. And that was The Royal We by the Fug Girls. I really liked the book and for some reason, reading something … Continue Reading →

2015 Books

Goodreads redid their Year in Review for books – I screencapped mine. I did read more than last year, so that was good!

Photo Year in Review – 2015

ok, gonna try to do this, because I need to remember that 2015 didn’t totally suck. So here is just the good stuff. January One of the best things (which was a carryover from 2014) was Athena’s Daughters 2. I’m so proud of this antho and the amazing stories in it. And I’ve made some great friends from the authors … Continue Reading →

2014 picture Year in Review, part 2

In part 2, we pick up in… June. We had a picnic and a house tour of Riversdale House: I met Neil deGrasse Tyson when he visited work: I worked my ass off organizing this NASA Social – it went swimmingly! And I got a selfie with my Nobel Laureate friend John: My friend Beth and I got to go … Continue Reading →

2014 picture Year in Review – part 1

Probably at some point I will stop doing these, but I do like to look back and reflect on all the good stuff that happened – it helps dim the memory of the bad stuff. So here goes the happiest parts of 2014. January: Marathon weekend at Disney in which we cheered for our friend Meredith, who was running a … Continue Reading →

365 project and books read for 2014

I finished my 365 project! I managed to not miss a single day this year, which felt great. If you want to see my pics, they’re here by month: http://365project.org/lovelyrita_mm/favorites/2014-01 or in this Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maggie42/sets/72157641587818685/ And here are my books read for 2014 – I read half of what I did in 2013 – but to be fair, I … Continue Reading →

2013 picture Year in Review – part 2

July July was the first month of 2013 I didn’t fly somewhere. We actually had most of July and August at home and it was pretty great. We spent July 4 with Janine and Ron and a whole slew of my friends and hers at the Pentagon. We also caught fireworks with friends a few days later elsewhere in Maryland: … Continue Reading →

2013 picture Year in Review – part 1

This is always a lot of work, but I think it’s probably worth while to go back and appreciate all the good stuff that happened over the last year. It helps to downplay any bad stuff. January: I got to do something I’d never done before and get into a bunny suit to go into our giant cleanroom at work. … Continue Reading →