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And a Twitter account:!/nsingularity


You can buy our first album, Last Call, on Amazon mp3, iTunes, BandCamp, and CD Baby. Hard copies are available from band members or on CD Baby. You can also stream it for free from our Music page.

Here’s a few other mp3s:

  • Class 5 – This one is written by Kevin, sung by me, and features some instrumentation we’ve never tried before. Rachel Spicknall Mulford plays the cello, and Joe Nigro plays the banjo. The song has special meaning for us as well, which I think you’ll understand if you listen. I find it uplifting.
  • Sunshine – A cover of one of our fav tunes by Norwegian artist, Kjetil Linnes, recorded as a birthday present for him.
  • On the River – a new original tune. This song is an ode to Abbey Road on the River, a yearly Beatles music festival in Louisville, KY. There is nothing compared to the sense of family it engenders every year, as fans and bands and friends come together to celebrate their love of the music of the Beatles.
  • What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Since we liked the Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon Levitt cover of this tune so much, we decided to do a quick single-track recording of our own version. Nothing fancy, just a live sound. We even got our drummer to sing! We used Maggie’s new Baby Taylor travel acoustic.
  • Man Who Sold the World – Another quick cover of a song we love to play. This was our last take of maybe 3 or 4, no comping, no overdubs. Normally Joe sings this one, but he was out of town, so Maggie sang the vocal. And that’s Rich Kelley on lead guitar.
  • Landslide – We often play this Fleetwood Mac song for fun and we thought we’d try doing a quick cover of it. It was actually done in one take. It features Joe Nigro on guitar and me on vocals.
  • Lodi – Since our guitarist Joe was in town, we decided to do another spontaneous little recording. One track, 4 takes. This was take 3. We all love this CCR tune and it was really fun to cover.
  • I Should Have Known Better – A quick “live” recording of one of our favorite Beatle tunes. We only did 3 takes – this is the 3rd one. We did double-track my vocals, much like John’s are in the original, something we hadn’t tried before.
  • OnePrairie Outpost- a Carbon Leaf song we like to cover. This is just three of us doing a stripped down version with just two guitars and a bass. No processing or anything fancy, only 2 takes. This is the 2nd one.
  • You Can Close Your Eyes – Joe and I doing a quick (and quiet, since we were
    in our office at the time) version of this Carly Simon/James Taylor duet.
    Two takes, one mic.


I have a two Seagull acoustics, a baby Taylor, Gretch 5120, a Fender Strat, and a Rickenbacker 360-12.